Recharging electric vehicles on the move

Researchers have designed this proof-of-concept wireless charger for moving electric vehicles.

A problem with electric vehicles is providing power while the vehicles are moving. One way to extend the range of electric vehicles may be to provide power wirelessly through coils placed under the surface of a road. But charging moving vehicles with high-power wireless chargers below them is complex.



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World’s Largest Hydrogen Fuel Cell Heads To Ohio

Fuel Cell a Go Go
We have talked about hydrogen fuel cells before around here. The ones we are familiar with are usually small and can barely produce enough power to charge a smartphone. The world’s largest hydrogen fuel cell is shipping to Ohio for its 5-year trial run.
The massive fuel cell is mounted inside a semi trailer and produces enough juice to run 500 homes…

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Solar Pebble Lamp Doubles As Gadget Charger

led-solar-pebble 7621

The new light of your life?

It might not change the world, but it won’t be for lack of trying. Plus Minus Solar has designed what it’s calling the LED Solar Pebble, a multifaceted device that requires just a pinch of sunlight (or maybe gobs of it, actually) in order to generate artificial light. And charge your arsenal of gizmos. It’s engineered to be built at a low cost and used in developing nations, but unfortunately there’s no confirmation on what exactly it’d charge…

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RCA Airnergy Charges Gadgets with Nothing But Wifi Signals

airnergy wifi 1423
Forget PowerMats and wireless charging and the like, because the Airnergy wi-fi signal harvester is my new front runner for the future of gadget charging.It’s not exactly new tech, as ohGizmo notes, but it’s the first application that’s of any real use to consumers. Put simply, Airnergy takes the energy created by wi-fi signals and stores it in a rechargeable battery. At CES, the device’s battery, which we believe was precharged with Wi-Fi power, was able to charge a BlackBerry from 30% power to full power in about 90 minutes.

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Human Energy Recycle System

human-energy 1234

Going green is all the rage these days, which is why the Human Energy Recycle System, if implemented, could very well turn the way we live upside down in a good way. Comprising of wearable contraptions known as Solution Units, these come with a battery that can store harnessed energy, where said batteries can be removed to charge other devices such as cellphones and portable media players later on.

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‘Magnetricity’ Observed For The First Time


The magnetic equivalent of electricity in a ‘spin ice’ material

A magnetic charge can behave and interact just like an electric charge in some materials, according to new research led by the London Centre for Nanotechnology.   The findings could lead to a reassessment of current magnetism theories, as well as significant technological advances.


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Nanoball Batteries Could Recharge Electric Cars In Minutes

Nanoball Batteries Could Recharge Electric Cars In Minutes

 A sample of the new battery material.

Researchers at MIT have designed a new battery that can recharge devices about 100 times faster than conventional lithium ion batteries. The design could lead to electric car batteries that charge in 5 minutes (compared with 8 hours in today’s electric cars) and cell phone batteries that charge in just 10 seconds.

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People Powered iPod Charger

People Powered iPod Charger


So you want a portable charger for your phone or mp3 player but the solar powered iPod is years away from reality. Instead you could try the Dance Charge.

A company called GotWind worked with music company Orange to create the Dance Charge. Weighing 180 grams the charger wraps around your arm and uses the kinetic energy from your body’s movement to power the battery. You can then plug in your phone or other electronic device to the charger to power it up.

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