CHAT – a translator that turns dolphin sounds into English


Dolphins are believed to be one of the most intelligent animal species on the planet.

Scientists have developed a working translator that can take dolphin sounds and turn them into spoken English. The translator called CHAT (Cetacean Hearing and Telemeintry), takes the whistling sounds that dolphins make to communicate, and matches them to a known database of meanings.



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SimplicITY: Easy-to-Use Computer Helps Older Computer Users Surf the Net


SimplicITy computers have a basic start screen with just six options

An easy-to-use computer that helps older computer users surf the internet has been unveiled.  The PC, which has just six main buttons on the desktop, was unveiled by former Blue Peter Presenter Valerie Singleton yesterday.


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WebRecept – Live Chat For Your Website


Featured Product at the Colorado Inventor Showcase

WebRecept™ is a proactive, web-based, customer relations management service that provides live website chat interaction and site monitoring through trained, qualified agents that increase your company’s online sales conversions by engaging visitors and building personal relationships from your website.


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