Widely-used phthalates a threat to male fertility


Phthalate levels correlated with infertility in men.

Federal researchers recently spent four years tracking 501 couples as they tried to have children in a study on the impact of everyday chemicals on fertility. One of the findings stood out: while both men and women were exposed to known toxic chemicals, men seemed much more likely to suffer fertility problems as a result.



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Liquid Light develops cheaper process to make chemicals from CO2

liquid light co2

A startup says it has a more efficient process to use carbon dioxide for making valuable chemical feedstocks.

Liquid Light startup has developed an electrochemical process to use waste carbon dioxide as a starting ingredient for chemicals. The company says its method is significantly cheaper than conventional methods for converting CO2 into chemicals.



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China to deploy drones to control pollution


Drones will freeze pollutants in midair with 176 pounds of chemicals.

China has decided to use drones on the front lines of its “war on pollution.” The drones will fire chemicals into the air, which will freeze pollutants and cause them to fall to the ground. Armed with 176 pounds of chemicals, which is expected to clear a five-kilometer radius, the drones will launch later this month.


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Only half of prescription drugs are removed by wastewater treatment plants

The impact of most of these “chemicals of emerging concern” on the health of people and aquatic life remains unclear.

A new report by the International Joint Commission, a consortium of officials from the United States and Canada who study the Great Lakes has found that only about half of the prescription drugs and other newly emerging contaminants in sewage are removed by treatment plants.



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Whatever happened to the chemistry set?

By the 1920s and 30s children had access to substances which would raise eyebrows in today’s more safety-conscious times.

When you talk to people of a certain age about chemistry sets, a nostalgic glaze comes over their eyes.  The first chemistry sets for children included dangerous substances like uranium dust and sodium cyanide, but all that has changed.




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‘Bath Salts’ – alarming new stimulant legal in many states


Bath salts are labeled “not for human consumption,” which helps them skirt a law that would make them illegal.

This spring in the emergency room at Schuylkill Medical Center in Pottsville, Pa, .Dr. Jeffrey J. Narmi could not believe what he was seeing.  There were people arriving at the emergency room so agitated, violent and psychotic that a small army of medical workers was needed to hold them down.


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