Cloud data speeds set to soar with aid of laser mini-magnets


Model of a single-molecule magnet

Tiny, laser-activated magnets could enable cloud computing systems to process data up to 100 times faster than current technologies, a study suggests.

Chemists have studied a new magnetic material that could boost the storage capacity and processing speed of hard drives used in cloud-based servers.

This could enable people using cloud data systems to load large files in seconds instead of minutes, researchers say.

A team led by scientists from the University of Edinburgh created the material—known as a single-molecule magnet—in the lab.

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Seven digital transformation trends for 2020

Professional Consulting Concept, Business Vision or Career Orientation

MuleSoft has released the report ‘Top 7 Digital Transformation Trends Shaping 2020’ which outlines the most timely digital transformation trends for 2020 and explores their impact across industries.

Digital transformation has become a catchall term for reimagining business in the digital age: it can refer to any process that uses digital technologies to solve for changing business and market requirements.

The top trends, according to Mulesoft are:

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IBM’s new 53-qubit quantum ‘mainframe’ is live in the cloud


IBM has boosted its growing stable of quantum computers with a new 53-quantum bit (qubit) device, the most powerful ever offered for commercial use.

Google announced a more powerful 72-qubit ‘Bristlecone’ model last year, but that was for its internal techies only. IBM’s, by contrast, feels significant because it can be used by absolutely anyone who can find a use for such a computer.

The new and still-to-be-named computer will sit in the company’s Quantum Computation Center in Poughkeepsie, New York State, which has recently turned into a hotbed for commercial development.

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IBM makes 20 qubit quantum computing machine available as a cloud service


IBM has been offering quantum computing as a cloud service since last year when it came out with a 5 qubit version of the advanced computers. Today, the company announced that it’s releasing 20-qubit quantum computers, quite a leap in just 18 months. A qubit is a single unit of quantum information.

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Contract a community to get the best developer talent working for you

  A great developer is worth 10 times as much as an average one.

The core part of how many people navigate major cities is the taxi. Through the power of cloud, social, and mobile, Uber and companies like it are upending the status quo taxis and limousines — an industry that has been stable since the early 1900s.



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Solving the software developer shortage

Moving development to the cloud and offering the IDE as a service to developers, a significant amount of their workload has been removed.

The sentiment that software is taking over the world has become widely accepted throughout the tech community.  Last year it was examined in depth by Marc Andreessen.  However, as software continues to infiltrate nearly every industry, there’s a serious consequence taking shape. The demand for development continues to grow exponentially, but the amount of qualified developers that are available to produce this commodity is not. Simply put, the world is running out of developers.



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A national survey shows most Americans are confused about what cloud computing is

A majority of Millennials, believe stormy weather can interfere with cloud computing.

“The cloud” is the tech buzzword of the year.  But many Americans remain foggy about what the cloud really is and how it works. A new national survey by Wakefield Research, commissioned by Citrix, showed that most respondents believe the cloud is related to weather, while some referred to pillows, drugs and toilet paper. Those in the know claim working from home in their “birthday suit” is the cloud’s greatest advantage. The good news is that even those that don’t know exactly what the cloud is recognize its economic benefits and think the cloud is a catalyst for small business growth.



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Steve Wozniak worries about cloud computing

Count  Apple co-founder and tech icon Steve Wozniak among the skeptics on cloud computing.

Cloud computing is here to stay, but not  all of us like the idea of putting our personal data onto what is essentially a shared resource beyond our control. No less a tech icon than Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak expressed his reservations on this topic this weekend.


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Five ways technology is getting worse


Our technological world has plenty of pitfalls.

If you feel like you’re scrambling to keep up with technology, you’ve got plenty of company as technology has been moving forward in leaps and bounds. There’s not a gadget on the market that doesn’t aim to make our lives easier, but now we’re tangled up in a strange new world. It’s a complex web of tweets and roaming charges in which we we hunt for open power outlets with the urgency of our ancestors foraging for their next meal.


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