China to combat smog with artificial rain

Will cloud seeding work to wash the smog out of the air?

China has a severe air pollution problem. Smog has done everything from grounding planes at major airports to closing schools across the country. China’s smog is so dense that it’s even crept over to Japan and across other parts of Asia. China is working on putting measures into place to combat pollution, but they still need a more immediate solution for clearing up the heavy smog. According to the China Meteorological Administration, he country is putting its hopes on artificial rain.



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China’s Weather Control Rockets to Ensure Dry Olympics

 China’s Weather Control Rockets to Ensure Dry Olympics

China is preparing an arsenal of rockets and aircraft to protect the Olympics opening ceremony from rain, hoping to disperse clouds before they can drench dignitaries at the roofless “bird’s nest” stadium.

Officials believe there is a 47% probability of rain during the August 8 opening ceremony and a 6% chance of a heavy downpour and will try to drain humidity from clouds before they reach Beijing.
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