New York plans $40 million prize competition to create community microgrids

New York plans competition for 10 community microgrid projects across the state.

The governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, has put $40 million in prize money behind his push to bolster the state’s post-Hurricane Sandy storm resilience with community microgrids. But will that be enough to overcome the regulatory and economic barriers that have challenged efforts to create microgrids in New York?



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Top 5 worst places in the U.S. to retire

lake las vegas

Lake Las Vegas, Nevada

Lists of the best place to retire in the United States are easy to find.  AARP has one; so do Forbes, U.S. News and a host of retiree-oriented websites. The same cities and states tend to appear on each list — Tucson, Ariz.! Austin, Texas! — in part because the things that matter most as people pick a place to retire — proximity to good medical care, tax advantages for seniors, nice climate and safe streets — never really go out of style.

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The Future of Libraries: Interview with Thomas Frey


Libraries in the future will come in many different forms

NOTE: The following is a reprint of an interview that recently appeared in American Libraries Magazine

Without consulting a crystal ball, Thomas Frey, executive director and senior futurist at the DaVinci Institute, writes and speaks about a promising future for those libraries strongly connected to their communities and quickly adaptable to the changing world around them. Tom Sloan, executive director of the DuPage Library System in Geneva, Illinois, asked Frey to discuss the future of libraries.



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