Dutch railway station installs ‘transfer accelerator’ for busy passengers


“Transfer accelerator” at the Overvecht Station in Utrecht.

Commuting is typically a bit of a grind even on the nicest, newest subway or bus system. A metro station in the Netherlands, though, has sought to liven up the experience — by installing a slide that riders can zip down instead of taking the stairs. It may sound a little silly but itdoes look like fun. (Video)


Number of People Who Carpool Has Dropped By More Than 50%

carpool lane

The drop in carpooling has occurred in cities across the country.

Remember the 1970s? Watergate, disco, oil embargoes and, of course, car-pooling. Many big companies organized group rides for their employees, and roughly one in four Americans who drove to work shared a ride with others.


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Yahoo Installs Multiplayer Gaming at San Francisco Bus Stops


Riders waiting for Muni buses at select stops in downtown will be passing the time playing video games, as well as the opportunity to win a concert by OK Go.

Yahoo recently installed huge poster-size touchscreens at 20 San Francisco bus stops, allowing commuters to play online games against people at other bus stops. Nothing brings out my allegiance to my neighborhood like some crazyass futuristic sports trivia.


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Commute Through the Skies with the First Commercial Jetpack


The world’s first factory making space-age JET PACKS is going into production.

It is the perfect way for city high-fliers to miss the morning rush hour. A company is set to produce the first commercial JETPACKS – and one could be yours for just £50,000.  The traffic jam-beating packs will be manufactured after a multi-million pound deal was signed with an international aircraft company this week.  (Video)


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Lotte Super Tower 123: Asia’s Tallest Skyscraper To Be Completed In 2014


South Korea’s super skyscraper

A new super skyscraper has just been announced for South Korea and will tower over all other buildings in Asia when it is complete in 2014. From a global perspective, Lotte Super Tower 123, designed by Kohn Pederson Fox, falls just short of taking the title, and will be not the tallest but the  second tallest skyscraper in the world. The structure will serve as the new corporate headquarters for the Lotte Group, whose subsidairy, Lotte Construction, will build it. Zoning has been approved and excavation is nearly complete. With aims towards LEED silver certification, the tower will have a strong environmental component and will offer Seoulians mixed-use areas such as shops, apartments, offices and a hotel. (Pics)


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Commuters Harnessed As Human Power Plant

Commuters Harnessed As Human Power Plant 

When it comes to new ways of generating energy, it doesn’t get any greener than the contraption recently installed in Tokyo’s Shibuya train station. Developed by Japan’s Sound Power, the FB-0001 platform generates electric power when the hundreds of thousands of station visitors step on its surface.

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Noriko-san, intelligent sleep mask delivers wake-up call in-train siesta



Intelligent Sleep Mask

 How often have you slept past your stations on a train journey, only waking to realize your station crossed an hour ago? I have been a lazy commuter myself, and have gone through this on a number of occasions, so I recognize the personal agony and the fellow commuters’ frustration, well. With the Pyocotan-developed “Noriko-san,” the sleepy maniacs can now have a peaceful siesta. The Noriko-san is a sleep mask that you could wear during your naps on a train journey – bothering least, because the mask will drop you off at your destination, not literally. The sleep mask keeps the rail users in your compartment aware of your stop with the mounted electronic scroll display, on reaching which the fellow passengers wake you up making sure you aren’t carried any further.


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