Performance and convenience are the biggest attraction to electric cars for consumers

Electric cars still not appealing to Israelis

Environmental benefits are not the biggest attraction to electric cars.

People love to categorize things. Sometimes people categorize too quickly and too simply. Electric cars are linked to their environmental benefits and being green, but the electric cars’ performance and convenience benefits are the biggest electric car attractions for most consumers.


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Trend: Offices in the Backyard


WorkPod by Ecospace

We noticed a trend going on these days: offices in the backyard! The convenience of just walking rather than driving to work is too good to pass up. Check out these backyard offices that allow people to get away from the house without really getting away and save the hassles of dealing with traffic, commuting costs, or space rentals. (Pics)


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Japan Re-Invents the Convenience Store

 Japan Re-Invents the Convenience Store

The original Lawson store chain has spawned “Happy Lawson” and “Natural Lawson”

Sony sinks, Toyota tumbles, and the Nikkei stock index plunges to lows not seen for more than a quarter of a century. But the global financial storm can’t rattle Japan’s convenience stores, where sales are up smartly. These hardy and still-multiplying spawn of 7-Eleven now number about 41,700, and they are arguably the most convenient convenience stores on Earth.

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