How To Make A USB Mini Fridge

usbmini fridge 111

With some cheap parts and a little electrical magic
you can make yourself a mini fridge

Physics, how we love you. You keep our feet on the ground, ontologically-ambiguous cats locked in boxes and photons in two places at the same time. It also enables the Peltier effect, what’s that we hear you breathlessly ask?

If a current is passed between two different materials a heat differential is created; one side hot the other cold. The principle is used in all sorts of situations including cooling processors and mini-fridges, though apparently they’re not that efficient, just small and light…

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World Wonders


Wow the world can be so cool

Sailing stones, fire rainbows, red tides and blue holes … were just the beginning. Imagine sidestepping a house-sized hole in the ground as it forms around you in seconds, walking through a field of razor-sharp ice spikes taller than yourself or fleeing from a deadly vortex of smoke and flame far more dangerous than the raging fire that spawned it. From light pillars and sun dogs to firewhirls and sinkholes, here are seven more beautiful, terrifying and awe-inspiring natural wonders of the world. Continue reading… “World Wonders”

Fire Extinguisher


Its not fireproof but fire cool

Fire safety and prevention is some pretty serious business – something small can turn into something big rather quickly. Along those lines designer Sigrun Vik, a student at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design, is operating under an interesting assumption: We don’t use (or know how to use) our fire extinguishers because they’re unsightly and hidden away. Continue reading… “Fire Extinguisher”

New Sweater Tells You The Temperature


New Sweater Tells You The Temperature

Temperature Sweater

This might look like a regular old fleece sweater, but it’s got a bit more technology on board than your average warmth-providing garment. It actually has two LED screens, one on each sleeve, and built in thermometers to tell the temperature. One sleeve gives the temperature in Fahrenheit, the other in Celsius.

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Switchplate with Added Hooks and Clips

Switchplate with Added Hooks and Clips


Sometimes improvements on the most minuscule objects around the house can hit you like a ton of bricks, creating an entirely new market for items nobody has ever paid attention to nor thought about. Take Justin Porcano’s work for example; his Wallplate turns regular lightswtich plates into massive drool appeal by creating functional drop boxes for mail and keys. (Pic)


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