Vail Resorts uses EpicMix app to offer crowdsourced, real-time wait times for ski lifts


Vail Resorts is trying something different on its ski slopes this winter. The resort has updated its EpicMix smartphone app to offer its crowdsourced, real-time wait times for ski lifts. The app will collect data from the RFID-enabled season passes skiers carry at the resort. It’s one of the most ambitious efforts yet to bring Waze-style crowdsourced location data into the sports and vacation spheres.

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Top banking trends of 2014

Mobile Banking

The rapid expansion in ownership of smartphones and tablet devices make today’s consumer want to research financial services on demand.

The banking industry has experienced a strong recovery after one of the worst financial crisis. In the evolving banking landscape in emerging economies, the industry is quickly transforming.



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EteRNA – an online video game connects players into a real biochemistry lab



The latest research rage is crowdsourcing – Kickstarter to raise funding, screen savers that number-crunch, and games to find patterns in data – but most efforts have been confined to the virtual lab of the Internet. Researchers have now crowdsourced their experiments by connecting players of a video game to an actual biochemistry lab.


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The roles of citizens in civic problem-solving and innovation


Local authorities are seeing tangible benefits from citizen innovation.

In numerous towns and cities across the world, citizens are having more of a say in sorting out civic problems. Through open innovation and crowdsourcing initiatives thousands of people are not only involved in identifying particular challenges such as pollution, poor water quality and graffiti, but also in designing and implementing the solutions.



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How entrepreneurs are coming up with innovative ideas to tackle traffic

Traffic can be a huge burden on economic development, and just overall quality of life.

Sometimes when entrepreneurs are just fed up with something that is when they come up with the most innovative ideas. Their ability to make people’s lives just a little easier, whether through a solution to a dangerous social problem or an easy tool that helps people shop from their home, entrepreneurs can fill in gaps across sectors.


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Top 4 event trends you need to know about

The world of events and in-person marketing is evolving. 

Audiences today expect more than education and entertainment; they expect participation at an event. Today’s top events take advantage of technology as a platform for audience engagement. Having produced and attended a number of customer conferences and trade shows this year, I’ve noticed some very clear trends in how technology is blurring the gap between the presenters and attendees. Here are some examples.



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Top 10 changes we can expect from the library of the future


Libraries have acted as community cornerstones for millennia.

Every April marks School Library Month.  Libraries celebrate how they promote education and awareness in an open, nurturing space. What makes them such lasting institutions, though, isn’t the mere act of preserving books and promoting knowledge. Rather, it’s the almost uncanny ability to consistently adapt to the changing demands of the local populace and emerging technology alike. The library system probably won’t disappear anytime soon, but rather, see itself blossoming into something new and exciting in congruence with today’s myriad informational demands.

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Rawporter turns everyone into a reporter

rawporter editorial_8483_595x0_proportion

See it. Report it. Right here, right now.

What an amazing new way to get the news from where it is happening to you. Crowdsourcing is becoming the catalyst for all kinds of innovations and this is the one that tops our list today!

Media outlets spend a lot of money, time and effort to dispatch news crews and helicopters to catch breaking news — but often, they arrive too late and wind up covering the aftermath instead of the actual event…

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Rethinking the Court of Public Opinion


Futurist Thomas Frey:  American TV personality Ryan Seacrest has a grim look on his face as he walks briskly across the stage. Turning to the camera, he pauses briefly before saying, “You have heard the arguments, listened to the experts, and seen the photos. But now it is up to you to decide the fate of Mr. Howard Cullens.”


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Crowdfunding – Finding Money in the Crowds

Crowdfunding and bootstrappers are a marriage made in heaven

If you know anything about crowdsourcing, you will need to pay close attention to what’s happening in the area of crowdfunding. Whatever startup venture you may be working on, there seems to be a crowdfunding option waiting for you. To start here are 11 examples of crowdfunding, many of them in creative domains.

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Google Now Crowdsourcing Traffic To Make Your Commute Less Miserable


Google Maps crowdsources traffic

When used on phones with GPS (including the Pre and MyTouch 3G, though not the iPhone), Google Maps crowdsources huge batches of data on how fast you’re travelling on a particular street, thus measuring traffic for fellow drivers.


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