Are daily deals worth it for the businesses?


Many companies are skeptical about the long-term payoff of daily deals.

Daily deals become increasingly popular with consumers.  But, there is conflicting information about whether such offers are worth it for businesses. For some, the payoff does not justify the payout even though others enjoy profits and new customers from the venture.


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Top 10 brands that will disappear in 2012


Sears is one of the brands expected to disappear within the next 18 months.

A new list of brands that will disappear in 2012 has been created by 24/7 Wall St.  The list includes Sears, Sony Pictures, American Apparel, Nokia, Saab, A&W All-American Foods Restaurants, Soap Opera Digest, Sony Ericsson, MySpace, and Kellog’s Corn Pops.


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Loyal2.Me – World’s First ‘Personal Loyalty Program’



Featured Invention at the Colorado Inventor Showcase 2009

The Worlds First “Personal Loyalty Program” designed for the Social Media generation. With a free Loyal2.Me account you have the power to make businesses be Loyal to you instead expecting Loyalty from you. You get VIP deals on your favorite products and services from the Businesses you invite into your program. Since you control who joins your program you only hear about the products and services you want and ONLY when you want them. Loyal2.Me completely disrupts how businesses interact with their best customers.


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iPhones Overload AT&T, Angering Customers


AT&T monitors its network from its operations center

Slim and sleek as it is, the iPhone is really the Hummer of cellphones.

It’s a data guzzler. Owners use them like minicomputers, which they are, and use them a lot. Not only do iPhone owners download applications, stream music and videos and browse the Web at higher rates than the average smartphone user, but the average iPhone owner can also use 10 times the network capacity used by the average smartphone user.


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Startup Junkie Underground Discusses Customer Roles in Product Development

Startup Junkie Underground

July’s Startup Junkie Underground saw Jim Mooney, founder and CEO of References-Online, telling the story of his business and the influence his customers have had on its development. According to Mooney, he has been able to turn “one good idea” into a successful business employing over 20 people without ever taking on outside financing. With a background in business-to-business sales, Mooney knew firsthand the difficulties in connecting a prospective customer with a reference customer. The task was especially difficult for new companies that might have relatively few customers, as even a customer willing to provide a reference may tire of the process after a few calls. Mooney’s idea was to create recorded references that were easy to access but with less marketing spin than “the glowing testimonials found on the corporate website.” References-Online’s initial product were audio recordings of interviews with reference customers, all conducted by a third party and available online. The interviews were split into short segments of about a minute in length by topic to allow prospective customers easy access to the information (Mooney notes that in seven years no prospect has ever hit the “play all button”), and also allows companies to track what information was of interest to the prospect and tailor future messaging accordingly.


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Telecom Spy Suits Dismissed – EFF, ACLU Plan Appeal


 You are currently under surveillance. Really.

Bad news for freedom as noted in this snip from WIRED Threat Level piece by David Kravets:

A federal judge on Wednesday dismissed lawsuits targeting the nation’s telecommunication companies for their participation in President George W. Bush’s once-secret electronic eavesdropping program. In his ruling, U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker upheld summer legislation protecting the companies from the lawsuits. The legislation, which then-Sen. Barack Obama voted for, also granted the government the authority to monitor American’s telecommunications without warrants if the subject was communicating with somebody overseas suspected of terrorism.

UPDATE: EFF and ACLU plan to appeal the ruling…

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Europe’s Biggest Oceanarium Will Be Located In Moscow

Europe’s Biggest Oceanarium Will Be Located In Moscow 

Duman Oceanarium

It is expected that the proposed enormous oceanarium in Moscow will form part of an amusement complex complete with a cinema, hotel, business center, shopping mall and many restaurants. According to news sources, the Eurasian country of Kazakhstan, which is the world’s largest landlocked country, is financing the construction of one of the new oceanarium.

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Inflatable Water Ball Lets You Walk On Water


Shinra Manufacturers of Guangzhou, China has made it possible for you to walk on water with the Inflatable Water Ball.  Now, I’m all for the idea of being able to walk on water.  Really, I am.  I think it would be pretty cool in a nondenominational deity sort of way.  But…

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WEEE Man Symbolizes Each Persons Environmental Waste

WEEE Man Symbolizes Each Persons Environmental Waste 


People around the United Kingdom have been in for a big surprise. A seven meter three tonne metal man has been wandering in their midst. Who (or what) is he and why is he here? Is the Earth about to stand still? Hardly, but like Klaatu he brings a message to which we should really listen!

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DriveAssist Will Hold Your Calls While You Are Driving

DriveAssist Will Hold Your Calls While You Are Driving

When you get a call while you’re driving, what do you do? Do you pick it up, or let it go to your voicemail? Of course there’s always a temptation to grab it, especially if you think it may be an emergency. Driving while distracted, however, is starting to become more and more of a problem, and one that’s costing lives.

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