Why millions of Chinese men are staying single



The gender gap is a big problem in the Middle Kingdom – and its ‘leftover men’ are going to great lengths to find a wife.

In China, there is a name for unmarried men over 30. Shengnan, meaning “leftover men” have yet to find a wife – and in a country with a growing gender gap, that’s a big problem.

By 2020, it’s estimated there will be 30 million more men than women looking for a partner

China has many millions more men than women, a hangover of the country’s one-child policy, which was overturned in 2015, though its effects will last decades more. The gender imbalance is making it hard for many men to find a partner – and the gap is likely to widen. By 2020, it’s estimated there will be 30 million more men than women looking for a partner. In his book, The Demographic Future, American political economist Nicholas Eberstadt cites projections that by 2030, more than a quarter of Chinese men in their 30s will not have married.

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Millennials aren’t going out to drink and date, study says – but why?


Are apps to blame, or are millennials just lazy and poor?

As a “younger millennial,” I will admit that any negative news about the millennial generation gets my defensive hackles up. But a new study about millennials and our socializing habits doesn’t seem totally off-base to me. Apparently, younger millennials aren’t going out to drink and date, and there are a lot of pretty good reasons why.

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How app designers can make the future of dating less creepy


One day, Google Glass could enable some pretty incredible augmented reality apps. Its camera might recognize a person’s face, then scour the Internet for information about him or her, beaming that back to you in real time. It’s neat stuff for sure, but as this concept demo from Israeli software developer Infinity AR shows us (completely unintentionally): automatically digging up too much information about someone else can be downright creepy.



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Word usage predicts dating success


Function words – those unassuming “filler” words like the, this, though, I, an, there, and, that – are mightier than you think. For one, they’re a very good predictor of sex and love.

Yes, sex and love. Now that I’ve got your attention, on to the story of how analyzing the patterns of the use of these words in speech between two strangers in a speed dating scenario can be a very good predictor of who will get the date…

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Many single people looking for love, but marriage not a priority

single in America

Marriage has been declining steadily in the USA for more than 35 years.

Many singles appear to be enjoying their unencumbered and unmarried state that two-thirds aren’t even sure they want to marry, suggests a broad national survey of the dating habits, sexual behaviors and lifestyles of 5,541 single adults across the U.S.

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Study: Looking for True Love, Take Your Time

true love

Couples who waited until they got serious before they had sex reported having a high quality relationship.

Couples who get to know each other before being intimate have a better chance of having a lasting relationship, but in some cases even a casual fling can lead to true love, according to a new research.


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Have Dating Websites Reached Their Peak?


Paid internet dating is on a downward trend.

How many marriages a day do Internet dating sites generate? Last year, the Wall Street Journal tried to cut through the hype and found that the claims put forth by major players such as eHarmony, Match.com and Plenty of Fish were dubious at best. And yet eHarmony’s latest news release can’t help but crow about a three-year-old Harris Interactive poll that said, “On average, 236 people are married in the United States every day as a result of being matched by eHarmony.” Really? By the latest national marriage figures, that would mean it’s driving nearly 4 percent a day. If that’s true, might I suggest the site look into hooking up its customers with caterers and ministers? Because it stands to reason that it’s losing a golden opportunity to grow the business.


Young Adults Couples Delaying Marriage For a Decade


Britain’s Prince William and Kate Middleton are in their ninth year of courtship.

Supposedly, young adults don’t have much of an attention span — except when it comes to love.  That’s when it seems this generation of young people is giving new meaning to the words “long-term relationship.” Many are “a couple” for years, and some approach a decade of dating. They’re just shy of the altar for so long that parents and grandparents are a bit bewildered.


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Couples Who Live Together Have ‘Unhealthy’ Marriage


Live-in couples end up having an unhealthy marriage

Couples who live together before they are engaged are more likely to get divorced than those who wait until they are married to live together or at least wait until they are engaged, according to a new study.

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