California eyes driverless car testing with passengers


Less than a month after Uber’s fatal accident in Arizona, California regulators issue a proposal for a pilot test of passenger-carrying autonomous vehicles.

California may start allowing self-driving cars, like this one for Lyft, to carry passengers without a human driver behind the wheel.

Regulators in California are moving closer to allowing driverless cars to carry passengers, even without a backup driver present.

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Apple now has more than 50 autonomous cars on the road


The tech company’s self-driving program continues to flourish.

Apple has more than doubled the number of its self-driving cars, the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has confirmed. Since obtaining a permit to test autonomous vehicles, Apple’s fleet size has steadily risen — from a scant three test cars, to 27 in January, and now, 55 intelligent machines. Should the program remain on course, consumers could be chilling out in the driver’s seat by 2019.

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