Mutant worm created that can’t get drunk


Genetically engineered worms could ultimately lead to anti-drunk pills for humans.

A team of researchers recently made a genetic tweak to worms’ brains that made it impossible for them to get drunk. More specifically, the scientists modified the worms’ genes so that a molecular channel that binds alcohol to their brains would no longer work. And humans have a similar molecular channel.



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New spray gets you instantly drunk and only lasts a few seconds


WA |HH Quantum Sensations

A team of researchers claim to have come up with a spray that can make you instantly drunk – but wears off after a few seconds. The team, led by David Edwards and designer Philippe Starck, says it has created WA |HH Quantum Sensations, a spray canister that puffs a whiff of alcohol that mimics the effects of a martini for just a moment, the ‘Daily Mail’ reported.

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Teens drinking hand sanitizer is a new troubling trend

hand sanitizer

Using hand sanitizer to get drunk is similar to earlier get-wasted fads of young people downing mouthwash or cough syrup.

Teenagers are trying to get drunk by guzzling hand sanitizer in a troubling new trend.  Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles reports that six area teens have landed in emergency rooms with alcohol after drinking the cheap liquid.

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Study: Being a Happy or Sad Drunk All Comes Down to Your Genetic Makeup

sad drunk

Drinking can make you happy or sad depending on your makeup.

Scientists have discovered that some people physically get a buzz from alcohol while others find it makes them depressed. The discovery could explain why some drinkers become angry and upset if they get intoxicated while others become merry and silly.

Driving Three Hours at Night as Bad as Driving Drunk

car accident

Two hours of motorway driving in the dark can affect performance so severely it is the same as having a couple of drinks.

Just three hours behind the wheel at night can make motorists drive as badly as if they were drunk, according to scientists.  Driver tiredness after a few hours has the same effect as being over the drink-driving limit, a study has revealed.


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