Modern-Day Witchcraft: This Hair Dye Changes Color

Last year, Lauren Bowker was halfway through a nostalgic re-watching of the cult ’90s teen film The Craft when the idea struck. More specifically, it was during the “glamor spells” scene, when Robin Tunney’s character goes from brunette to platinum blond just by combing her fingers through her hair. “It was in that moment that the penny kind of dropped,” says Bowker, “I was like, ‘We could do that.'”

That wasn’t posturing: As a chemist, fashion designer, and the founder of the London-based material design studio, The Unseen, Bowker is something of a high-fashion alchemist. Her color-changing leather purses and otherworldly wearable Air sculptures are a measured mix of stunning aesthetics and seriously complex science.

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Food Dye’s May be Linked to Hyperactivity in Children

grocery store aisle

Artificial dyes in food are not just limited to candy.

Push a cart down a supermarket aisle, and you’ll pass a kaleidoscope of color. The use of artificial dyes by foodmakers is up by half since 1990, and it’s not limited to candy. The list of foods made pretty by chemicals now includes pickles, bagels and port wine cheese balls.


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Pokeberries Could Be the Key to Spreading Affordable Solar Power Around the World


Pokeberries hold the secret to affordable solar power.

The weeds that children smash to stain their cheeks purple-red and that Civil War soldiers used to write letters home – could be the key to spreading solar power across the globe, according to researchers at Wake Forest University’s Center for Nanotechnology and Molecular Materials.


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Dye Solar Cells (DSC’s) Based On Photosynthesis

Dye Solar Cell (DSC) Solar Panels

The application of Dye Solar Cells (DSC’s) in many technologies and new products is at least a year away, according to Dyesol, the leading company in the fast-growing DSC sector. DSC technology still has a way to go to catch up with nature. You see, DSC technology is based on the process whereby plants convert light into energy and store it. Plants that use photosynthesis operate 24/7, even when the sun is not shining.

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Beacon Biotechnology – Diagnostic Medical Device Technology

Beacon Biotechnology - Diagnostic Medical Device Technology

 Featured Invention at the Colorado Inventor Showcase

Beacon Biotechnology has created a disruptive medical device technology with a single use, disposable, rapid, 112 test microarray diagnostic testing platform capable of performing both molecular and immunoassay methods.

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