In Case of Emergency, eat this book


You never know when that time might be NOW!

After you’ve foolishly walked away from your Land Rover to explore a mirage in the Arabian desert, you’ve found yourself lost. What to do?

Thank goodness for this survival guide that explains how to keep yourself alive with tips on dealing with scorching temperatures, building shelters, lighting a fire and so on. The best thing is: you can eat the book!

Actually the whole thing is a clever ad campaign by Y&R Dubai ad agency for Land Rover…

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Dental plaque used to probe diet of ancient people

dental 2457698

Ancient people ate far differently than we do.

While we may brush and floss tirelessly and our dentists may regularly scrape and pick at our teeth to minimize the formation of plaque known as tartar or dental calculus, anthropologists may be rejoicing at the fact that past civilizations were not so careful with their dental hygiene…

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The stronger food smells, the less you eat

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Smell vs consumption.

The smell of a favorite food can literally make your mouth water. But a new study suggests that the stronger a food smells, the less of it you’ll eat—so it might be time for dieters to reach for the cured fish and curry.

The study, carried out by the Institute Food and Nutrition in The Netherlands, saw participants serving themselves custard out of squeezy tubes, while different concentrations of custard aroma were wafted past their nostrils. When a stronger smell was used, the amount of custard the participants ate decreased. The result appears in the wonderfully titled journal Flavor…

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Restaurant forces customers to sign no cellphone contract before dining


I promise not to use my cell phone while eating…

A shout of OHHH MY GODDDD ARE YOU SERIOUS? SHE DID? The LED flash of someone Instagramming their entree, followed by look of smug gratification. Some jerk waving his phone around trying to get a cell signal Foursquare. Not anymore!

Buzzing DC eatery Rogue24 wants hype to be the only thing in the air, making patrons ink a contract that prohibits the use of phones and cameras during meals. What! Creeping fascism!

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Large Forks may curb eating

mega fork

A really, really large fork will not allow you to eat at all.

People who use big forks eat less compared with diners who use small forks – but only when eating from a plate loaded with food, according to a new study. Researchers from the University of Utah in Salt Lake City monitored customers at an Italian restaurant during two lunches and two dinners. With one of the study’s authors and two research assistants serving as waiters, the researchers assigned either large forks or small forks to certain tables…

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Talk-o-Meter Shows How Much Each Person in a Conversation Talks

talkometer rrrrr

Now you can visually show who is the blabbermouth.

Talk-o-Meter is a new chat-monitoring iPhone app that shows when someone is dominating a conversation. After brief calibration, the app can recognize who is speaking and keeps track of each person’s talk time.”

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Hi-Tech Japanese Vending Machine Uses 47-Inch Touchscreen Panel to Sell Drinks


Hi-Tech Vending offers many options.

In a land of high-tech toilet and strange robots, a regular ol’ vending machine just won’t do. So behold, the vending machine in subway stations in Tokyo that uses 47-inch touchscreen panel to sell you drinks…

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My Week of Eating Nothing But Candy


Mmmmmmm candy.

Robb Posch undertook an experiment in which he ate nothing but candy for a week. Oh, the things we do in the name of science! …or blogging, as the case may be.

Since I am apparently going to eat peanut butter candy every day, I went with Reese’s Peanut Butter Bells. Then after snacking on Nestle Crunch Bells, Gobstopper Snowballs, Christmas SweeTarts, and gummy reindeer, by night time it was becoming somewhat clear: candy isn’t very filling…

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Wisconsin School Cuts Crime By Changing Menu

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Real food effects our minds as well as our waistlines.

Whether we like it or not the food that we eat doesn’t just affect our waistlines, it effects the way that we feel. If you’re mindful of the way you feel after munching on a Hershey bar and a coke then you’re less likely to eat junk food because the highs and the lows become too hard to bear. But in a move that may seem slightly more controversial, one school principal in Appleton, Wis., changed the school menu to cut crime at the school. According to a recent story on WELL Said, LuAnn Coenen, the principal at a high school, reduced fighting, weapons-carrying, and general lack of focus and discipline in the school by changing the menu.


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