Average faces of women from around the world

The results of a recent experiment have been published by FaceResearch.org. Experimental psychologists at the University of Glasgow in Scotland have combined the faces of women around the world to approximate the “average face” of each country. Multiple images of faces are aligned and composited together to form the final result using a modern version of the technique that Sir Francis Galton pioneered in the 1800′s.



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Japanese researchers transmit electricity through solid concrete


The researchers used a set of modified tires set on top of the concrete.

Thanks to researchers from Toyohashi University of Technology, the dream of having electric cars without limited range is one step closer to reality.  The group showcased an experiment with the ability to send up to 60 watts through almost four inches of solid concrete.  Although the technique they are using isn’t exactly new, they did manage to squeeze out between 80 and 90%t efficiency is.

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The Taste Test – Expensive and Inexpensive Wines Taste the Same


The Taste Test

University of Hertfordshire Psychologist Prof Richard Wiseman has revealed the results of The Taste Test.  The Taste Test is a large-scale experiment to discover whether expensive wines are good value for money. The experiment involved over 400 members of the public tasting either an expensive or inexpensive wine.   Then they tried to tell which was which.  The experiment was carried out as part of the Edinburgh International Science Festival.


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