Using CRISPR to resurrect the dead


Gene-editing breakthroughs could allow us to bring extinct species, like the woolly mammoth, back from the dead. But should we?

It really is worse than you think.

We’ve gorged ourselves on fossil fuels, vacuumed up the Earth’s forests and spewed toxic gases into the atmosphere for years on end. The planet is getting warmer, we’re poisoning insect populations with reckless abandon and pulling fish out of the ocean at an alarming rate. The most recent prognosis for a biodiverse Earth is incredibly grim, with 1 million species threatened with extinction in the coming decades.

The havoc we’ve generated has kickstarted Earth’s sixth great extinction event, the first by human hands. This rapid decrease in biodiversity due to human activity is unprecedented.

But we may be able to reverse it.

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Oxford philosopher’s newest hypothesis predicts the rise of super villains


 Oxford philosopher and founding director of the Future of Humanity Institute Nick Bostrom‘s latest research paper seems to indicate our species could be on a collision course with a technology-fueled super villain.

Will a deranged lunatic soon have the capabilities to take the entire world hostage? Can our nation’s leaders do anything to stop this inevitable tragedy? Will the caped crusader rescue his sidekick before the Joker’s sinister trap springs?

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Space colonization is humankind’s insurance policy against extinction: Elon Musk


Space exploration is as urgent as easing poverty or disease—it’s our insurance policy against extinction.

Why would you blow billions of dollars on space exploration when billions of people are living in poverty here on Earth? You have probably heard all of the justifications.



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90% of plant and animal species on Earth not yet discovered


There are approximately 8.7 million different types of plant and animal on Earth.

About 90% of the plant and animal species on Earth have yet to be discovered or classified according to scientists.  Earth is estimated to be home to just under 9 million species, a study says.


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Critically Endangered Tree Frog Bred for First Time

An adult La loma tree frog (Hyloscirtus colymba) Now you know!

As frogs around the world continue to disappear — many killed by a rapidly spreading disease called chytridiomycosis, which attacks the skin cells of amphibians — one critically endangered species has received an encouraging boost.

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Stephen Hawking Warns Mankind Must Move to Outer Space Within the Next 100 Years to Survive


Stephen Hawking

The human race must look to outer space within the next century or it will become extinct, Professor Stephen Hawking has warned.  The renowned astrophysicist said he fears mankind is in great danger and its future “must be in space” if it is to survive. 

Zoo to Use Frozen Cells of Dead Animals to Bring Endangered Species Back From the Brink of Extinction


Drill monkeys are on the brink of extinction.

Researchers at the Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla, California, and San Diego Zoo have collaborated to create stem cells from the skin cells a dead drill monkey, an endangered monkey native to Equatorial Guinea, Nigeria and Cameroon.

Scientist Claims Human Race ‘Will Be Extinct Within 100 Years’


A map of the world from an atlas which concentrates on population rather than land mass released last year. The Earth’s population is due to hit 7bn by next year.

As the scientist who helped eradicate smallpox he certainly know a thing or two about extinction.  And now Professor Frank Fenner, emeritus professor of microbiology at the Australian National University, has predicted that the human race will be extinct within the next 100 years.


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Lizards are in Danger of Extinction from Global Warming?


A chameleon sits on a tree at a zoo

Once again the global warming hysteria patrol is out posting articles on how the earth is doomed because of global warming. Undeterred by one of the coldest winters in years and a global scandal surrounding the validity of their science, these scientists are out fabricating doom and gloom stories to feed a hidden political agenda.  This time its all about the lizards dying.

According to them, lizards are in danger of dying out on a large scale as rising global temperatures force them to spend more time staying cool in the shade and less time tending to basic needs like eating and mating.

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