Facebook watches how you watch TV


80% of Facebook’s TV “chatter” comes through mobile devices.

Facebook competes with Twitter in the budding social media analytics market with their trove of user data. In a report produced in conjunction with SecondSync, a social media television analytics firm, Facebook breaks down anonymized user data surrounding television shows by a variety of measures such as types of interaction, demographics, device and genre.



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Facebook’s most talked about topics for 2013


Facebook’s 2013 Year in Review looks back at the stories, trends, and events that were shared most across the social network this last year. The year in review details the most talked about topics globally and for individual countries. It also shows the life events people felt most compelled to share.



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Only 1% of online Black Friday sales were driven by social media

Only 1% of orders on shopping sites came from people who visited a social network immediately before.

Online sales on Black Friday hit another record this year. Social media only played a relatively small role — at least when measured directly, according to the latest data from IBM.


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Our best defenders against Big Brother may be Google and Facebook

The big online companies are calling for urgent reforms to protect us from having data intercepted.

Over a few weeks’ worth of bedtimes in the summer of 1984, my dad read me Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell. Though the dystopian context would have been lost on nine-year old me, the pervasive malevolence and the futility of the struggle was not.



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The internet needs to be 100 times more affordable: Mark Zuckerberg


Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg wants to connect the world together to promote the “Knowledge Economy”. Internet.org, is a group that Zuckerberg started in partnership with mobile-device makers Samsung, Nokia, and Qualcomm, and they have released a video highlighting his plan to interlink the next 5 billion people.



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The future of software is all about analytics

Companies that want to sell software to enterprise in the next few years might be wise to start thinking about data. That doesn’t mean they need to become a “big data” company, per se, but at least thinking of what metrics your customers need tracked and how to deliver that information to them.



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Facebook’s power footprint growing and moving east

A breakdown of power usage at Facebook’s data centers during 2012, from the company’s annual sustainability report.

In 2012, Facebook’s data center energy use grew 33 percent, as the company installed tens of thousands of servers in its new company-built data centers. The growth of the company’s power usage is disclosed in the company’s latest sustainability report, which also documents the company’s move to reduce its computing footprint in Silicon Valley, even as it boosts its reliance on leased space in northern Virginia.



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How the Millennial generation shops online

Millennials engage in nearly every online shopping activity.

Millennials have grown up embracing the deep discounts and convenience offered by online shopping. A January 2013 survey from ad agency DDB Worldwide of US web users’ attitudes toward ecommerce found that both males and females ages 18 to 34 were more likely than their 35- to 64-year-old counterparts to engage in nearly every online shopping activity, with 40% of males and 33% of females in the younger age group reporting that ideally they would buy everything online.



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