Average faces of women from around the world

The results of a recent experiment have been published by FaceResearch.org. Experimental psychologists at the University of Glasgow in Scotland have combined the faces of women around the world to approximate the “average face” of each country. Multiple images of faces are aligned and composited together to form the final result using a modern version of the technique that Sir Francis Galton pioneered in the 1800′s.



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Street Artist Wins $100,000 TED Prize

jr face 777 steps

27-year-old Parisian street artist JR just won the $100,000 TED prize for 2011

TED, the progressive California nonprofit that brings luminaries of technology, entertainment, and design together for the sake of world betterment, has made an unexpected choice for its seventh annual $100,000 TED Prize: JR, a 27-year-old street artist who, under a mysterious cloak of semi-anonymity, has been pasting monumental black-and-white photographs across the urban infrastructure of the world’s poorest slums…

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Beer Goggles Mystery Solved


Alcohol dulls the ablity to recognize symetrical faces.

Everyone looks better after you’ve tipped back a pint or two, and now we may know why.  It turns out that alcohol dulls our ability to recognize cockeyed, asymmetrical faces, according to researchers who tested the idea on both sober and inebriated college students in England.


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Bees Can Remember What Human Faces Look Like

bee up close 1234
If you ever get into a tense confrontation with a bee, and then you have to back down for whatever reason, don’t try to salvage it by saying “Remember the face.” Because it turns out bees can do that.It’s long been known that bees are capable of recognizing and retaining complex visual patterns. That’s one way they’re able to tell different kinds of flowers apart. But a joint project between researchers at the Université de Toulouse and Melbourne’s Monash University has found that bees can be trained to distinguish flowers from human faces, and to recognize the basic configuration of human facial features in different contexts.

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Russian Inventor Trained Computer to Recognize People

Identity theft

The computer program is called Iscanderus Visius

Beyond Las Vegas there is a world more pious. And in that holy world, a Russian inventor by the name of Aleksandr Syomochkin has developed a program that allows a computer to recognize people’s faces and then message them. The program is based on the input received by on-monitor cameras, the more the cameras the more detailed features of the people can be stored into the computer’s memory. These stored images are then used by the program called Iscanderus Visius to remember them and then mimic those gestures.


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Sony’s MotionPortrait Turns Photos Into 3D Animation

Sony’s MotionPortrait Turns Photos Into 3D Animation


We don’t pretend to understand the Japanese, we usually just nod graciously and smile when they dazzle us with their consumer electronics and robots. But Sony’s MotionPortrait is different, SolidAlliance different. The technology creates 3D graphics from 2D stills of human faces.  (Video after the break)

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Robo-Mate Aiko

Robo-Mate Aiko 

Aiko – Female Robot 

Are you shattered because you haven’t found a soul mate for yourself? Well, there’s a better way out than heading to the matrimonial: build a mate for yourself. Remember when the world witnessed the Canadian Fembot earlier, it didn’t like you touching her breasts and made sure you know that with a slap, we knew something more feminine could be expected here. Perhaps we weren’t wrong; here she is back in a perfect lady makeover.

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Mahru II – South Korea’s Humanoid Robot

Mahru II - South Korea’s Humanoid Robot 

 Mahru II

The robot masters at KIST (Korea Institute of Science and Technology) have updated their Mahru II robot with the new Mahru Humanoid Robot that is now a dead ringer for Sony’s tiny dancing QRIO robot. Scheduled to make its first major public appearance at Korea’s Robot World conference this week, the main feature of Mahru is its ability to simultaneously move its upper and lower body independently to perform dance moves or human-like actions in the same fashion as Honda’s amazing Asimo robot.

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