Virtual reality is about to unleash the greatest wave of human creativity ever seen


Not too long from now, entertainment is about to get as real as real life and nothing is ever going to be the same. This is happening thanks to the combination of two forces that you would never expect to overlap. Together, they form a staggeringly potent combination.

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Visualizing The Course Of The Mississippi Over Millennia

mississippi river flow 234123

Twisty River Flows Of The Mississippi

From the 1944 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers geological survey: “600 miles of meandering river belts over tens of thousands of years…If you have any interest in getting your mind blown by creative data visualization, do yourself a favor and click here now to view the hi-res map in full.”

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Green My Cycle


A Touchy Subject

A friend of mine told me that while she was a student at Bennington College in Vermont, sea sponges were popular alternatives to tampons and pads. I should have gone to Bennington. It was organic shrooms, not sea sponges, going around at UCSB!

Now that I’m no longer in the dark about the sponges I’m researching information on brands being sold. I’ve found a thriving eco market of alternatives to disposable menstrual products. Remember when Kotex made us think ultra-thin maxis were revolutionary? What were we thinking? Some women are even making their own organic pads and selling kits for you on the web.

If you can handle the added labor of reusables, here are a few options out there:

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ShowerStart: Smart Showerhead That Doesn’t Waste Hot Water

ShowerStart:  Smart Showerhead That Doesn’t Waste Hot Water 


Here’s a smart shower head that stops wasting hot water. The Evolve shower head uses ShowerStart technology, stopping the flow to a mere trickle as soon as the water gets hot enough. Instead of 2.5 gallons of hot water going down the drain every minute (or more if you have overclocked shower heads like we do, or a multi-head shower), ShowerStart waits for you to flip a switch or pull a cord, and then begins the flow of the hot water.

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