Futurist Thomas Frey interviewed about DaVinci Coders program

Futurist Speaker Thomas Frey 322

Futurist Thomas Frey took time out of his busy speaking schedule for a short interview with Larry Nelson at W3W3 radio. This time Mr. Frey conversed with Larry about DaVinci Coders, the new beginner based Ruby On Rails program that he is putting together at DaVinci Institute…

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Future Trends in Denver, Colorado

Future Trends in Denver, Colorado

What will Denver be like in 2030?
Stroll the streets of Denver in the year 2030, and you’ll meet the More Likelys.

The average resident of Denver’s future is more likely to be elderly, more likely to be Latino, more likely to hail from a filled-in Stapleton neighborhood, and more likely to have a rapid transit pass in a back pocket.

Following close behind on the sidewalk will be the Less Likelys. A typical Denver dweller will be less likely to drive a car, less likely to work all day on an urban office block, and less likely to have a traditional public school education.

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The Opposite of War is Not Peace

The Opposite of War is Not Peace

Thomas Frey: In 1976, President Gerald Ford issued an executive order forbidding the assassination of any foreign head of state. This order was issued when word leaked out that the CIA had made several attempts on Castro’s life as well as other “enemies” of the US. 


This is a topic that I’ve often struggled with because today’s solution to global conflict is often measured in the destruction of the many as opposed to the destruction of the few.  Not that I was in favor of assassinating Castro, but placing boundaries on the fighting of a war nearly always insures a larger, longer military engagement than simply removing a few problem people at the top.


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DaVinci Institute Featured on ‘Make the Difference Network’

DaVinci Institute on Make the Difference NetworkDaVinci Institute on Make the Difference Network

The DaVinci Institute hopes to set a new standard for science museums

“Make the Difference Network” is an online resource for connecting donors with non-profits. Started by famed actress Jessica Biel, the site has been designed to draw attention to some of the lesser known causes. The DaVinci Institute and its plans for the Museum of Future Inventions is now testing the waters on the site to see how best to inspire donors with a museum about the future, a museum where every exhibit talks about the big things that still need to be accomplished.

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Introducing The Time Capsule Room

The Library of the Future Series - Part 1 - The Time Capsule Room

Perhaps the most engaging way to create a good community archive is through the development of a “Time Capsule Room” in the library.

Most libraries will find that the Time Capsule Room takes on a personality of its own, as local people begin to participate in populating the spaces. Ideas about what constitutes a Time Capsule Room will vary from city to city, but it is the ability to differentiate, uniqueness of operation, and variety of perspectives that will give a dimension of personality to the library.

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