Can you ever erase yourself from the internet?

There is no black and white answer concerning consumers’ online privacy.

More and more each day the internet infiltrates commerce and social life and consumers are becoming more aware that their personal information is becoming less and less personal.  Some websites and apps have transparent sharing policies.  Some of them state exactly what information they will use for advertising but others aren’t so clear.




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Death-debt collectors chase down mourners


Debt collectors have found a way to help lenders get their money after the debtor has died.

Linda Long’s husband died of colon cancer in 2010.  After his death the phone calls poured in. Linda is a  68-year-old retired office worker o whsays she got as many as 10 calls a day from a debt-collection firm asking for $16,651.52 that her husband, Millard, had racked up on a Bank of America Corp. credit card.


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FTC approves controversial firm to dig up your dirt on social networking sites


This is a  frightening prospect that any social media posting, even years old, can be used in background checks.

A controversial firm which scours social media sites to check on job applicants has bee approved by the Federal Trade Commission. The approval means anything you’ve ever said in public on sites including Facebook, Twitter and even Craigslist could be seen by your would-be employer.


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FTC Proposes Stricter Guidelines on Food Ads for Children


Regulators are asking food makers and restaurant companies to make a choice: make your products healthier or stop advertising them to youngsters.

The Federal Trade Commission has proposed sweeping new guidelines that could push the food industry to overhaul how it advertises cereal, soda pop, snacks, restaurant meals and other foods to children.


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