Urban Cultivator compact garden


Fresh herbs taste better than their dried counterparts, and there is no denying that garden-fresh veggies are preferable to ones that have spent the past several days in a truck or on a supermarket shelf. People who are lucky enough to live in warmer climates can keep the fresh greens coming year-round, if they plant a garden. For those of us in colder regions, however, things get a bit more challenging come winter. We can rig up indoor herb gardens on windowsills or using full-spectrum fluorescent lights, but that can sometimes get a little complicated. If you can justify its price, however, there is an alternative – the Urban Cultivator. (Pics)

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10 best iPhone apps for gardening


Whether or not you’ve got a green thumb, these apps will help your garden grow.

Timing is everything as those who garden are well aware.  And a bountiful crop requires planning and organization.  For novice and advanced gardeners alike, there is always something that can be learned about getting the best from the earth. Following are 10 great gardening apps that serve that very purpose, and can help yield juicier tomatoes, more fragrant rosemary, and brighter hydrangeas.


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Gardening In School Boosts Child Development


Projects in the dirt are good for kids!

A study out of the UK suggests that school gardens actually improve academic skills in children. Children who participated in school gardening projects were found to be better problem solvers. The projects also encouraged patience, independence, and healthy eating habits

Teachers who used gardening as part of children’s education said they displayed more independence and were better at solving problems.

Working in school gardens also had an impacts on other subjects, including literacy and numeracy, it was claimed…

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Bacteria Found in Garden Soil That Can Make You Smarter and Happier


Bacteria found in soil can decrease anxiety and increase intelligence.

Mycobacterium vaccae bacteria are already known to decrease anxiety, but it might have even more dramatic properties. Recent studies on mice suggest the bacteria, commonly found in the soils of people’s gardens, also increases intelligence and the ability to learn.


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Living Wall Systems

Living Wall Systems

Example of a BioWall 

We’ve all seen them in action (sort of), so now it is time to check them out on a new level and get at least a cursory look at the different off-the-shelf options out there for living walls. A few select companies are offering systems that are available to North American buyers and beyond. Here’s a summary of what I have found to date…  (Pics)

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Green Space Rooftops Blossoming Around The World

Green Space Rooftops Bossoming Around The World

“All you have to do is climb a tall building in Germany, and you’re going to see green roofs all over the place.”

Many countries like Germany (pictured) and Switzerland are now mandating that all new buildings with flat roofs must plant a garden on them. What will cities look like when this practice becomes the norm? (Pics)


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One In Five People Prefer To Get Saucy In The Kitchen

One In Five People Prefer To Get Saucy In The Kitchen 

“Al, take me. I wanna have sex on the kitchen table.”

Kitchen is the top romp spot outside bedroom for people, a new survey has revealed. According to the survey in Britain, more than one in five people prefer to get saucy in the kitchen, just like movies such as ‘Nine And A Half Weeks’ and ‘The Postman Always Rings Twice’, British newspaper the Daily Star reported.

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The Amazing Art of Dale Chihuly in the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix

 The Amazing Art of Dale Chihuly in the Desert Botanical

The desert is brought to life in amazing color thanks to the brilliant work of Dale Chihuly

While spending a weekend in February in Phoenix, Arizona, we received several recommendations to visit the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix. It was on our last day, on a Monday morning before we flew back home. Since it is close to the airport, it became our final memory before leaving Arizona. And it was a terrific high note to depart on. Here is a photo journey of what we saw. (Pics)

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Scent Delivery System

Scent Delivery System 

Patent# US 6842218, which refers to the Scent Delivery System, allows the user to pick his or her own smells, a rather dubious thrill to begin with. It works by injecting scent into an airflow created by the fan or canister, and creates scented air, which is carried to the nose by the flow of air via a nose mask or facemask. If you are wondering why anyone would want such a thing, join the club whose membership is fast disappearing from a lack of interest.

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