Withings Aura smart sleep tracking system aims to help you sleep and wake better

Withings Aura

Withings showcased a new “smart sleep” system called Aura at CES 2014 this week. The sleep system takes self-monitored sleep sensors to the next level. The device features a padded sensor that slips under your mattress to record your body movement, heart rate, and breathing cycle — the sensor is smart enough to record the data for two people sleeping in the same bed. (Pics)


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Higher status means you will live longer

Nobel Prize winners live longer than those who don’t win.

On average, Nobel Prize winners live 1.6 years longer than nominees who aren’t selected.  This finding is consistent with a causal link between status and longer lifespan, say Matthew D. Rablen and Andrew J. Oswald of the University of Warwick in the UK.



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Alpha males may look in control but they are more stressed out than their lowly counterparts


Maintaining a lofty position in the social hierarchy causes your stress levels to rocket.

Researchers found that while alpha males get the pick of the girls, the money and the power they pay a heavy price for their dominance.

‘Hormonal’ Women Have Prettier Faces


Typical female face with high (left) and low (right) oestrogen levels

Women with high levels of the sex hormone oestrogen have prettier faces, research suggests.  The findings make evolutionary sense – men are attracted to the most fertile women, the University of St Andrews team told a Royal Society journal. (pics)


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