Hendo Hoverboard: The world’s first real hoverboard


Hendo Hoverboard

Whenever you talk about hoverboards, the first thing that usually comes to mind is that awesome scene from Back to the Future Part II.  It is now one step closer to reality. Arx Pax, a California startup, just built a real, working hoverboard. The company is attempting to crowdfund the Hendo Hoverboard as a proof of concept for its hover engine technology — it’s not quite the floating skateboard Marty McFly rode, but it’s an obvious precursor to the imagined ridable: a self-powered, levitating platform with enough power to lift a fully grown adult.



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Malloy Aeronautics launches hoverbike drone


Malloy Aeronautics’ hoverbike

Malloy Aeronautics’ hoverbike is a solid substitution for the real hoverboard we are still waiting for. The hoverbike which has successfully been funded on Kickstarter in the form of a drone, is the prototype for an eventual manned hoverbike that will whisk riders into the air. (Video)



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JetSurf – a high-tech motorized surfboard


JetSurf takes watersports to a whole new level.  This gas-powered mini-surfboard is about the size of a wakeboard, and its carbon-fiber-and-kevlar body is powered by a two-stroke internal combustion engine.  You don’t need waves (or paddling) to move. You just hold on to the handle, press the hand-operated control unit, and you’re off and surfing.



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