‘Hair Glasses’: Eyeglasses made of human hair

hair glasses

Made from hair and bioresin, the resulting frames are 100 percent biodegradable.

Human hair has been turned into sustainalbe eyewear by two Royal College of Art students, Azusa Murakami and Alexander Groves.  Petroleum-based plastic or energy-intensive wire frames are a necessary evil for those who are not blessed with 20/20 vision.  “Hair glasses,” however, tap into a readily available and renewable resource: the millions of pounds of hair cuttings that salons across the United Kingdom throw away each year.


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Genetically Modified Cows in China to Produce ‘Human’ Milk


Scientists have successfully created a herd of more than 200 cows that is capable of producing milk that contains the characteristics of human milk.

Details are a bit thin on this one, but my initial reaction to this is an overwhelming grossness: Researchers in China have genetically modified some 200 cows so that the milk they produce is similar to human milk.


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Geminoid-DK: Realistic Robot Could Pass Off as a Human



Now, we’ve all seen the Geminoid before – an extremely realistic robot that was a spitting image of the professor who created it. The robot originated in Japan by Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro, but now it looks like it has made its way over to Europe. A professor from Denmark decided to create a Geminoid of his own, and this one is even more realistic than Hiroshi Ishiguro’s original creation.  (videos)


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Are Humans Becoming More Stupid? Man’s Brain Has Been Shrinking Over Last 20,000 Years


A 3D image replica of a 28,000-year-old skull found in France shows it was 20 per cent larger than ours.

It’s not something we’d like to admit, but it seems the human race may actually be becoming increasingly dumb.  Man’s brain has been gradually shrinking over the last 20,000 years, according to a new report.


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Incredible Microscopic Pictures of the Human Eye Revealed


The human eye is captured in glorious detail by Suren Manvelyan

These pictures are a sight for sore eyes.  For while they may resemble the dramatic surface of the Red Planet they are actually the eye-catching images of the human iris in all its glorious detail – each one as unique as a fingerprint. (Pics)


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Scientists Grow Miniature Human Livers in the Lab


The ultimate goal is to provide a solution to the shortage of donor livers available for patients who need transplants.

Researchers at the Institute for Regenerative Medicine at Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center have reached an early, but important, milestone in the quest to grow replacement livers in the lab. They are the first to use human liver cells to successfully engineer miniature livers that function – at least in a laboratory setting – like human livers. The next step is to see if the livers will continue to function after transplantation in an animal model.


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The Remarkable Paintings of Tetsuya Ishida


Man as the machine

Tetsuya Ishida was a remarkable and prolific Japanese painter who depicted scenes of ordinary Japanese life, but with the protagonist (a self portrait) always trapped in a machine-like body, or treated as part of a production line. He was born in June 1973 and died in 2005 after being hit by a train. Some think his death may have been a suicide. Here are a few of the images that represent his legacy. (Pics)


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Hot Human-On-Neanderthal Action: A Scientific Update


Did Neanderthals and Humans Share The Planet At The Same Time? 

So, remember a few weeks ago when new genetics research challenged the accepted idea that humans and neanderthals had never knocked boots? Back then, we mentioned that we were waiting to hear from Svante Pääbo, a hominid genetics expert who was due to publish his findings from sequencing the neanderthal genome. The Pääbo data would be the key to clearing up this ancient soap-operatic mystery.

This week, Pääbo weighed in and the answer looks pretty clear: If your ancestors are from anyplace other than Africa, you’ve got a little neanderthal in you. And so did your great-great-etc. grandma…

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The Weird, Creepy World of Medical Simulation Models

birthsimulator 432
Oh yeah BABY!
Technology is great. It’s given us TiVo, the George Foreman Grill and a wide array of manikins and faux body parts that medical students can practice on so that they don’t practice on YOU. But wow, are they creepy. Here are some of the strangest and most nightmare-inducing examples.
Medical students practicing the birthing process might use the NOELLE Maternal and Neonatal Simulator (pictured above), which has a removable stomach cover, dilating cervix and multiple vulva for postpartum suturing. It comes with one “birthing baby” (with umbilical cord and placenta) and one newborn. If that’s too extravagant, you can get a working model of just the vaginal area:

Scientists Discover Aging Gene Linked to Immunity and Disease Resistance

old lady and dog

Aging gene linked to immunity

British scientists studying the genetics of aging said that experiments on laboratory worms showed that a specific gene is strongly linked to lifespan, immunity and disease resistance.  Since the gene, called DAF-16 in worms, is found in many animals and in humans, the finding could open up new ways to affect aging, immunity and resistance in humans, the scientists said.


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