Revolutionary Skin Patch Could Cure Peanut Allergy


The aim of the skin patch is to educate the body so it doesnt over-react to peanut exposure.

A revolutionary skin patch that may cure thousands of deadly peanut allergy has been developed by pediatricans. Researchers believe it presents one of the best possible ways of finding an effective treatment for a life threatening reaction to peanuts.


Design For New Needle Based On Mosquito


Mosquito Power!

A new, completely painless, hypodermic microneedle has been developed by engineers in India and Japan. The unique micro-electro-mechanical based suction system has a design that is based on the female mosquito.

The system uses a sucking motion to draw up blood, similar to the ritual of a mosquito. The needle could be used for various procedures such as drawing blood, injecting drugs and monitoring glucose levels for diabetics.
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