Consumer-led growth in China

China announced its latest growth figures on Thursday. The speed of growth attracted most of the attention, but the source of growth is perhaps more striking. At a press conference, the National Bureau of Statistics pointed out that in the first three quarters of this year consumption* contributed over half (55%) of China’s growth, exceeding the contribution from investment. If that pattern holds, China’s growth this year will not be investment-led (let alone export-led), but consumption-led.**



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49% of middle-class workers will be poor in retirement


To maintain living standards into old age we need roughly 20 times our annual income in financial wealth.

In 2010, 75 percent of Americans nearing retirement age had less than $30,000 in their retirement accounts. Downward mobility in retirement is a looming reality for both middle and higher-income workers. Forty-nine percent of middle-class workers will be poor or near poor in retirement, living on a food budget of about $5 a day.

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Comparing the Senate and House crowdfunding proposals

apple and orange

The differences aren’t miles apart, but not inches either.

As the topic for our Monday’s Startup Junkie Underground, the House (H.R. 2930) and Senate (S.1791) have proposed competing Bills on the topic of crowdfunding. It’s important, however, to know the differences between the two, because the devil is in the details. And, when it comes to H.R. 2930 and S.1791, the differences are pretty crucial. Crowdfunding advocates need to pay attention.

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9 Steps to consider when valuing your Startup

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Valuing a Startup can always be challenging.

Determining your startup’s worth is one of the hardest parts of the fundraising process. There is no magic formula that will spit out a valuation, namely because the number is highly subjective. The entrepreneur, for example, anticipates huge potential and may therefore put a high valuation on his company. The investor, on the other hand sees a company that needs capital to grow and may fail without it, so he may set a low valuation. To help the process, we’ve devised a few considerations to help value your company…

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Owning a Home in the U.S. Loses It’s Luster


Economic uncertainty, unstable prices and simple math have given Americans less incentive to buy.

Meredith Carr and Vince Melamed of Brentwood are just the sort of couple real estate agents have always counted on to buy a home.  Melamed is a successful keyboardist and songwriter who wrote hits including Trisha Yearwood’s “Walkaway Joe,” and Carr is a freelance editor. They owned a home in Nashville, but when they moved to Los Angeles last year they decided they did not want to tie up their money in real estate, or be on the hook for home repairs and upkeep.


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Facebook Valued at $50 Billion After Goldman Sachs Investment Deal


The Goldman Sachs deal could double the personal fortune of Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s co-founder.

Facebook, the popular social networking site, has raised $500 million from Goldman Sachs and a Russian investor in a deal that values the company at $50 billion, according to people involved in the transaction.


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