Making opaque materials totally transparent


Most naturally occurring materials have a disordered atomic structure that interferes with the propagation of both sound and electromagnetic waves. When the waves come into contact with these materials, they bounce around and disperse – and their energy dissipates according to a highly complex interference pattern, diminishing in intensity. That means it’s virtually impossible to transmit data or energy intact across wave-scattering media and fully leverage the potential of wave technology.

For an example, you need look no further than your smartphone – the geolocation function works less well inside buildings where radiofrequency waves scatter in all directions. Other potential applications include biomedical imaging and geological surveying, where it’s important to be able to send waves across highly disordered media.

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11 ways technology may soon grant you superhuman powers

human flight

Human flight

As a child, everyone had a favorite superhuman power – flying, invisibility, comic book character strength and agility. Some of us secretly hoped to cultivate psychic powers like telekinesis, precognition, mind reading, etc., even as teens and young adults.


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UT Austin researchers create an ultrathin invisibility cloak

 Bulky devices are an obvious flaw for those interested in Harry Potter-style applications.

Invisibility cloaks put forward by scientists have been fairly bulky devices, until now.  University of Texas at Austin researchers have now developed a cloak that is just micrometers thick and can hide three-dimensional objects from microwaves in their natural environment, in all directions and from all of the observers’ positions.



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Scientists create temporal cloaking device that hides whole events


Scientists demonstrate how they have have created, a new invisibility technique that doesn’t just cloak an object but masks an entire event in this illustration.

Most people don’t have any problem making time disappear – but scientists have cracked a very hi-tech way of doing exactly that. Scientists have developed a ‘temporal cloaking’ device that can hide events from view.

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Light-Bending Nanoparticles Could Lead To Superlenses, Invisibility Cloaks

 Light-Bending Nanoparticles Could Lead To Superlenses, Invisibility Cloaks

Directional scattering of an incoming electromagnetic wave by oriented nanocups.

Researchers at Rice University have created a metamaterial that could light the way toward high-powered optics, ultra-efficient solar cells and even cloaking devices.

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Time’s Top 10 Scientific Discoveries

Time’s Top 10 Scientific DiscoveriesTime’s Top 10 Scientific Discoveries 

1. Large Hadron Collider

Good news! The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) – the massive particle accelerator straddling the Swiss-French border – didn’t destroy the world! The bad news: The contraption didn’t really work either. In September, the 17-mile collider was switched on for the first time, putting to rest the febrile webchatter that the machine would create an artificial black hole capable of swallowing the planet or at least a sizeable piece of Europe – a bad day no matter what. No lucid observer ever thought that would really happen, but what they did expect was that the LHC would operate as advertised, recreating conditions not seen since instants after the Big Bang and giving physicists a peek into those long-vanished moments. Things looked good at first, until a helium leak caused the collider to shut down after less than two weeks. Repairs are underway and the particles should begin spinning again sometime in June.

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Invisibility Cloaks Could Take the Sting out of Hurricanes

Invisibility Cloaks Could Take the Sting out of Hurricanes

Protection comes in many forms

Invisibility cloaks that are able to steer light around two dimensional objects have become reality in the last few years. But the first real-world application of the theories that made them possible could be in hiding vulnerable coastlines and offshore platforms from destructive hurricanes and tsunamis.

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