Israeli smokable cannabis sticks to hit US market in January


StickIt CBD sticks

The main upside to these smokable sticks is their consistency. The sticks allow for accurate, measured doses of cannabis extracts, making them much easier to regulate worldwide.

The Israeli start-up industry could be taking over an unexpected new market: smokable cannabis sticks.

Last month, an Israeli start-up, TrichomeShell, which makes a smokable cannabis toothpick called “moodpicks,” smashed fundraising goals as they prepared to enter the Canadian cannabis market.

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Scientists Devise Algorithm To Detect Sarcasm

sarcasm ewqr

Sarcasm – Who the hell needs it anyway?

A computer algorithm capable of identifying sarcasm in written text has been developed by Israeli researchers. The novel formula could pave the way for more sophisticated communication between humans and computers – the Holy Grail of artificial intelligence.

Devised by computer scientists at The Hebrew University in Jerusalem, the algorithm has been programmed to recognise sarcasm in lengthy texts by analysing patterns of phrases and punctuation often used to indicate irony.

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World’s First Self-Watering Plant Discovered

World’s First Self-Watering Plant Discovered

Desert Rhubarb 

Scientists have discovered the world’s first ‘self-watering’ plant in Israel’s Negev desert – one of the driest regions on earth. The Desert Rhubarb can hold 16 times more water than its rivals and has developed a unique ability to effectively water itself in its barren habitat.

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Chips to be implanted on all Israeli citizens?



“And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads”
— Rev 13:16

There has been a story circulating this week across many blogs about an article that was posted recently in an Israeli newspaper Maariv “Sof Shavua (End of The Week).

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Electric Car Charging Network Planned For San Francisco Bay Area

Electric Car Charging Network Planned For San Francisco Bay Area 

 Charging port

We’ve mentioned Project Better Place before, the company that plans to create a network of charging stations and battery exchange locations for electric cars in Denmark, Israel and Australia. Backed by super-rich investors, now it’s planning an ambitious expansion into the San Francisco Bay area. The idea is to build a $1 billion network of 250,000 charging ports like you see here, 200 battery-swap stations, and a driver service center.

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Limestone Box Of Bones Israel


Science Backs Up Religion… Proving Facts Wrong, be my guest..

Believe it or not but there are lots of so-called educated people who believe that there is no evidence of the existence of Jesus as a historical figure.  Despite all the written evidence they have persisted in their arguments. Recently, a limestone box containing bones was found in Israel….

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