Artificial Intelligence will obliterate these jobs by 2030

In the AI world, data is the new currency and analytics competency a crucial competitive differentiator across business lines

Cubicle workers. Shipping clerks. Loan processors.

“All gone,” Forrester vice president and principal consultant Huard Smith said in describing the impact of artificial intelligence on various professions by 2030.

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Technological Automation of Jobs Debate


The topic of job displacement has, throughout US history, ignited frustration over technological advances and their tendency to make traditional jobs obsolete; artisans protested textile mills in the early 19th century, for example. In recent years, start-ups and the high-tech industry have become the focus of this discussion. A recent Pew Research Center study found that technology experts are almost evenly split on whether robots and artificial intelligence will displace a significant number of jobs over the next decade, so there is plenty of room for debate.

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