Why is the Kremlin suddenly obsessed with crypto currency


In early June, Russian President Vladimir Putin attended the annual St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. The headline moment at the event was a wide-ranging and at times combative interview with Megyn Kelly. But Putin quietly made news in another way—he signaled an official volte-face on the issue of cryptocurrencies, digital financial instruments such as bitcoin.

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Kremlin switches back to typewriters to avoid computer leaks

Each typewriter has a unique, individual pattern of type that would make it easy to trace it back to the source.

The Kremlin has switched back to old-fashioned typewriters to avoid leaking of sensitive information because of leaks like WikiLeaks.. Russia’s Federal Guard Service plans to spend 486,000 rubles to buy a number of electric typewriters.



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The migrant worker underclass in Russia

There are as many as 12 million migrant laborers in Russia. Only 2 million work in the country legally.

Bek Takhirov, a 38-year-old ethnic Uzbek, knows all too well the problems that migrant workers face. In 2004, he came to Russia and worked illegally, stacking cargo in a warehouse for alcoholic beverages. Takhirov completed a lengthy application for Russian citizenship in order to step out of the shadows, two years ago. He now works legally in St. Petersburg as a translator by day and moonlights as a security guard by night.


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Beer to be Classified as Alcohol for First Time in Russia

beer-russia 345678

Beer is now alcohol in Russia

Beer is to be legally classified as an alcoholic drink in Russia for the first time as the Kremlin forges ahead with the toughest anti-alcohol campaign since the fall of the Soviet Union. The beverage is technically classified as a foodstuff for now, an anomaly that has allowed producers to avoid a sweeping new crackdown on alcohol advertising and night-time sales.

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