70% of developers are dissatisfied with app marketing and advertising

Mobile developers are unhappy with app marketing and advertising.

Over 70 percent of developers are dissatisfied with their current options for app marketing and advertising. That’s the results of a survey by Papaya Mobile, which offers the AppFlood service for promoting mobile games and apps. The survey shows that the majority of developers don’t have a clear idea of the benefits of mobile marketing channels. In particular, they don’t trust ad network providers.



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Social media is spoiling the Super Bowl ad surprises

Super Bowl ad surprises ruined by social media.

There is a growing feeling that marketers’ use of social media is ruining the surprise of Super Bowl ads. Last Super Bowl, just one memorable ad bucked this trend last Super Bowl–Chrysler’s offering with Clint Eastwood–while other firms such as Honda made similar versions available on YouTube and Facebook. General manager-brand marketing for Audi, Loren Angelo, reckons that, with just 24-48 hours’ worth of Internet chatter about the Super Bowl, the reveal is worth everything, allowing an advertiser to have “a much longer conversation with consumers.”



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How research misses the human behind the demographic


Volkswagen recognized that our purpose as people is to lead better lives, not to consume their products.

The word “consumer” is an unavoidable term in marketing.  But the label is counterproductive and misguided.  The word is counterproductive and misguided and puts corporate interests over customer concerns.  It presupposes a response you haven’t earned yet. Their purpose is not to consume your product.



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Most parents oppose collecting children’s information on the internet

Nine out of 10 adults said they believed advertisers should get a parent’s permission before collecting data on their children.

Overwhelmingly, parents object to personal information being collected on their children over the internet.  This is according to a new poll just released before federal officials are set to vote on a controversial proposal to strengthen child privacy laws.




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Americans turning against ‘stuff’

Millennials are thinking entrepreneurially, viewing themselves as microbusinesses operating in a highly uncertain economic environment.

Millennials aren’t alone as they shift from tangibles (cars and homes) to intangibles (education and access to data). The business sector is moving along the same tangible-to-intangible path as the Millennials, perhaps at an even faster pace. Business spending on nonresidential structures, other than mining-related, is roughly 30% below the 2007 pre-recession highs, while investment in software is up almost 20% over the same period.



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Alcohol brands see increase in engagement on Facebook

Marketers raise awareness and start dialogues with fans on social media

Alcohol brands are naturally social companies, with marketing aimed at encouraging friends to spend time together. In keeping with this sociability, many companies are turning to Facebook to raise brand awareness and build community with fans.


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5 steps for entrepreneurs to overcome fear in business

Many do not have the entrepreneurial mindset when we start a business.

Most people are born with entrepreneurial traits when they start their business.  Those traits are acquired along the way.  The biggest hurdle to overcome in your business usually is fear.  Despite wanted to succeed in life this fear holds us back to do what we want to do.  Here are five steps to overcome fear in business.



Why online videos are the future of marketing

Online video will soon dominate your time spent on the web.

Chances are that in the past three years that you have watched an online video.  Almost every site on the internet that you visit has a video displayed in some form.  Video viewership has skyrocketed and there are no signs of it slowing down.




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