Five signs coworking is a good idea for you


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The traditional office has become less important as more people work via mobile phone and a laptop computer, and coworking is becoming a popular alternative.  Members get many of the benefits of office life — a community, a work environment, and meeting spaces — without giving up the freedom of working on their own schedules.


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LinkedIn now adding two new members every second

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Some big numbers coming up here!

In LinkedIn’s first earnings call as a public company, CEO Jeff Weiner revealed that LinkedIn is adding two new members every second, which is up from one member per second in November 2010. In Q2 alone, LinkedIn added 14 million members, after passing the 100 million mark earlier this year…

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LA Man Creates Tour of Gangsta Hot Spots

gang tour photo 12312

 Former members of the 18th Street gang pose with customers
during one of the LA Gang Tours on May 8 in Los Angeles.

Tourists who visit Los Angeles often visit Grauman’s Chinese Theatre to see the footprints of the stars. Now they can also dip their toes into gangsta culture.

For the last six months, an L.A. company, LA Gang Tours, has been offering tours of the city’s hottest gang spots, including the county jail, the birthplace of the Black Panther Party and a lab where graffiti artists ply their trade.

The tours are priced at $65 and, along with seeing the sights, polo shirt-wearing tourists can also take photos with reformed gang members and ask them questions about the thug life.

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Web Site Offers ‘Friends’ For Rent


A Web site based in New Jersey that allows users to “rent a friend” for platonic outings said it has 1,200 paying members. founder Scott Rosenbaum said the site, which started up five months ago, boasts 108,000 friends for rent and 1,200 customers paying $24.95 a month to browse the profiles.

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“Time Banking” Pays It Forward


In today’s recessionary world its become exceedingly difficult to make time for ourselves and the others we care for. With job lay-offs, the decline of 401Ks and wage decreases, we are spending more time worrying about our finances than taking care of things that still need to be accomplished. Cutting the lawn, walking the dog, tutoring your child are tasks that still need to be tended to, but sometimes overlooked. With our spirits dampened, we fore-go even the basic necessities of our everyday lives.

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Children No More At Risk Online Than Offline, New Study Says

Children No More At Risk Online Than Offline, New Study Says 

Last year, after the social-networking site MySpace found that its members included some 29,000 registered sex offenders, the nation’s top state prosecutors demanded a technological fix, asking that the industry “explore and develop age and identity verification tools for social networking web sites.” But a new study concludes that such technologies are unlikely to thwart anonymous predators and that the threat facing children online is no worse than it is in the real world.

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