Tesla Model S outsells Mercedes, BMW and Audi

Tesla Model S

More people bought a Tesla Model S, the $70,000 (and up) electric car, in the first quarter of 2013 than bought any of the similarly priced gasoline-powered cars from the top three German luxury brands, according to data from LMC Automotive. About 4,750 buyers bought a Model S while just over 3,000 people bought Mercedes’ top-level sedan. (Video)



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Top 10 ticketed cars in America


Does what we drive affect how we drive?

Quality Planning , an analytics company that works with auto insurers asked the question: Does what we drive affect how we drive?  They ranked vehicles most likely to get a ticket based on the number of moving violations issued for each 100,000 miles driven.  There are a few predictable entries in the top 10 list but the list is not totally comprised of  flashy red sports cars.

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Mercedes Adds Pelvic Protection To Its Side Impact Airbags

Mercedes Offers More Protection By Adding A Pelvic Airbag 

 Mercedes offers more protection with pelvic airbag

Side impact air bags have undoubtedly saved many lives. They were specifically designed to protect the torso from impacting the crinkle zone of the door and in some cases, they can extend all the way down to the knee. Mercedes has put a new twist on the side impact airbag by designing one that provides protection for the pelvis.




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Smart Cars Are Getting Much Smarter Or At Least Safer


Well For Me They Need To To Have A Choice Of Two Other Messages That Either Flash “Attention Assist: Drink More Mountain Dew Or Do The Dew!”

We’ve heard of smart cars, but this is getting into a whole new dimension. Mercedes studied the brain waves of sleepy drivers, and matched those up with lackadaisical steering tendencies, resulting in a car that can sense if you’re spacing out.

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On Board the Caspian Sea Monster


Ekranoplan – sometimes referred to as the Caspian Sea Monsters

A private company, ATTK, (Arctic Trade and Transport Company), is producing Ekranoplans in the very same shipyards where the first prototypes were designed, built and tested. But these civilian heirs to the Caspian Sea Monsters are altogether smaller and more pocket-sized affairs, designed to be used as personal craft or water taxis.

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