Artificial sweeteners have been linked to obesity: Study

sugar substitutes

Sugar substitutes might be exacerbating metabolic disease.

Artificial sweeteners have widely been seen as a way to combat obesity and diabetes, but according to a new study, the sugar substitutes could, in part, be contributing to the global epidemic of these conditions.



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Study: Mom’s obesity linked to kids’ autism and development


Kids born to obese moms are more likely to diagnosed with autism.

Kids born to obese women are more likely to be diagnosed with autism or related developmental delays than the children of slimmer moms according to a new study of moms and children in California.

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Is There Really A Cure For A Hangover?

Is There Really A Cure For A Hangover? 

The French call it “la gueule de bois,” or wooden mouth. For Germans, it’s “Kater,” or a tomcat. Japanese know it as “futsukayoi,” or “two-days drunk.” But whatever the language and wherever it takes place, a hangover is the same: headache, nausea, shaking, blurred vision, biliousness, dry mouth… the list of evils is long.

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Exercise Pill Closer To Reality

Exercise Pill Closer To Reality 


The elusive exercise pill just took a step closer to becoming a reality. Scientists have found that two compounds can boost endurance in mice by changing the metabolic properties of the animals’ muscle. One of the drugs appears to mimic some of the benefits of exercise even in sedentary mice. But the most dramatic benefit comes from combining one of the drugs with exercise, enabling mice to run 60 to 75 percent longer.

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