The Army is buying microwave cannons to take down drones in mid-flight


The high-powered microwave system would be mounted to an aircraft.

The US Army has a new plan for microwaving drones out of the sky. In a public solicitation last Friday, the agency announced its intention to purchase an airborne high-powered microwave system from Lockheed Martin, which is intended for use against drones. The weapon, which would be mounted to an airplane, would disable fixed-wing or quadcopter drones with a beam of focused radiation.

Drone countermeasures are particularly relevant in the wake of an apparent assassination attempt against Venezuelan president Nicolás Maduro that was carried out by a pair of hexacopter drones rigged with remote-triggered explosives. Public video collected by Bellingcat indicates the attack was carried out by drones similar to DJI’s Matrice 600. Each drone was equipped with a kilogram of C4 explosive, according to a statement by Venezuelan security forces. The Matrice 600’s maximum carrying capacity is 5.5 kilograms.

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This magic box harvests spare electricity from your microwave


Harvest those stray rays.

Microwaves aren’t very smart. It generally has no idea what you’re trying to heat up, and if it’s (say) a burrito and not (say) a frozen turkey, a bunch of extra microwave… waves… are going to waste. This blue box can suck up all of those spare microwaves and turn them back into electricity that — wait for it — can power your microwave again…

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NASA plans first space washing machine that could microwave laundry

 space washing machine

A space laundry machine designed by UMPQUA (left) and Astronaut Buzz Aldrin walks on the surface of the Moon (right).

What  if you could put dirty clothes into a washing machine, leave, and only coming back once the freshly cleaned clothes have been dried out by microwaves.  That out-of-this-world-laundry concept could someday become a reality for astronauts and space explorers headed for the moon, asteroids or Mars.


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Quirky Appliances for a Truly Geeked-Out Kitchen

appliances 1

 Bizarre kitchen appliances to outfit your kitchen.

A part of me thinks that mainstream designers focus more on creating sleeker, streamlined appliances. The general consensus would be to appreciate their efforts, but for someone like me, who gets to view designs as quirky and bizarre as the following… another sleek toaster is like drinking flat Coke. If you enjoy the fizz and appreciate spunk, come join me fitting a hypothetical kitchen with some really quirky appliances! (Photos)


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The History of Microwave Cooking

radarange 1234
Microwaves weren’t always counter sized.
From Raytheon’s radar business to your breakfast of leftover pizza, the story of microwave cooking is an interesting read. Like computers, they took off when the size (and price) came down.

The 1947 Radarange was a whopping six feet tall, weighed nearly 750 pounds, and required its own 220 volt electrical line and a dedicated water line for the cooling tube. It sold for $2000, or nearly $22,000 today. Not yet an appliance for the home cook, Raytheon marketed the behemoth appliance to high-volume, quick service restaurants. Busy diners, ocean liners and hospitals all purchased their own Radaranges, cooking hamburgers and sheet cakes in less than 30 seconds.

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Castoven – A Microwave with a Built-in YouTube Player



Two researchers from Japan’s Keio University (which yours truly attended just until recently by the way) have developed a kitchen appliance aimed at the total web geek in you, a YouTube-powered microwave. The so-called Castoven [JP] is based on a conventional, unbranded model of “good quality” but sports a 10.4-inch LCD screen in the door panel. (Video and pics)


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Microwaves May Be Harmful During Pregnancy

Microwaves May Be Harmful During Pregnancy

Microwaves harmful to unborn baby 

It is hard to believe but true that the microwave oven you use to make food could be harmful to your unborn child, especially when the device is old or is wrongly used. Tests have shown that microwaves emit harmful electromagnetic radiation which could harm embryos and could lead to miscarriage.

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Beanzawave: The USB-Powered Beans Microwave


Would office beans smell be better than office donuts?

Sometimes, when you’re sitting at your desk, all you want are some piping-hot baked beans. Hey, we all know it, why not admit it? That’s why Heinz is working on a USB beans microwave.

No, this isn’t a joke. The Beanzawave-yes, Beanzawave-is billed as the world’s smallest microwave, measuring just 7.4 inches tall by 2.6 inches wide and 5.9 inches deep. It’s perfect for desktop bean cookery, and Heinz is even dabbling in Lithium Ion batteries for on the go beans heating….

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