Yale researchers say humans would like robots better if they were more vulnerable


Three humans and a robot form a team and start playing a game together. No, this isn’t the beginning of a joke, it’s the premise of a fascinating new study just released by Yale University.

Researchers were interested to see how the robot’s actions and statements would influence the three humans’ interactions among one another. They discovered that when the robot wasn’t afraid to admit it had made a mistake, this outward showing of vulnerability led to more open communication between the people involved as well.

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Top 10 million dollar mistakes


Mistakes are often looked down on as a bad move or the next step to failure, but mistakes can be good. Mistakes are part of the recipe for success.  Ryan Blair started six Multi Million Dollar companies all before the age of 30.  He is a world renowned serial entrepreneur admits to his fair share of million dollar mistakes, as well as some billion dollar successes. Ryan Blair sums up pretty nicely in his current bestseller Nothing to Lose, Everything to Gain what his Top 10 Million Dollar Mistakes have been on the way to the top.


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Top 20 Mistakes in Technology


We often get asked to encapsulate our experience into a top 10 list for CTOs and CEOs. As is the case in golf, in technology it is as much about ensuring that your bad hits (aka blunders, mistakes, and failures) are recoverable as it is ensuring that you nail your great hits or successes. We are all going to have failures in our careers but avoiding the really big pitfalls will help ensure that we keep our companies and our products on the right growth path.

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6 Food Mistakes Parents Make

 6 Food Mistakes Parents Make

The great food challenges with kids

While most parents haven’t resorted to the chocolate diet, they can relate to the daily challenge of finding foods that children will eat. Although obesity dominates the national discussion on childhood health, many parents are also worried that their child’s preferred diet of nuggets and noodles could lead to a nutritional deficit.

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