Virtual reality and museums of the future


What if you were able to visit the Louvre, the Rijksmuseum and the Guggenheim all in one day? Imagine looking at the world’s most famous masterpieces from your favorite chair in your own home. Imagine being able to look around museums and visit heritage sites that you otherwise might never be able to see because you can’t afford it, or aren’t physically able to travel, or just don’t have the time. Then imagine creating your own museum, populating it with your favorite works of art and sharing your creation with others.



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A Drive-Thru Car Museum


Drive-thru museum

Sigh. While we write about a world after cars, where people live in walkable cities, Francesco Gatti is building a drive-thru museum in Nanjing, China. The whole thing is a cross between some complicated origami and a parking garage; one drives through exibits to the parking on the roof, then gets out of the car and looks at exhibits in the cube in the middle that takes up a small proportion of the building area. Of course it ramps down, so effort expended is minimal.


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