Five Landmark Innovations in Gaming for 2015


There’s no such thing as a quiet year for gaming, and 2014 has certainly been a noisy one. It’s been a year very much focused on the PS4 and Xbox One finding their feet, but the two titans haven’t totally hogged the limelight. We’ve seen virtual reality continue to burgeon, we’ve witnessed free-to-play open up some interesting discussions about in-app payments, and we played Rambo: The Video Game. The less said about that last one, the better.

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Analysts predict $13.1 billion game market for China in 2013 with end of game console ban

The end of the console ban means that Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft can now legally sell their systems in the country.

Niko Partners, an Asian games market research firm, predicts a $13.1 billion game market for China in 2013. This is in its China Games Market Mid-Year 2013 Update Bulletin, which includes data and analysis of video game salesfor the country that has recently lifted a long-standing ban on consoles. That’s a 28 percent growth for online PC games compared to 2012 and a 60 percent increase for mobile games revenue.



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6 major brands that have been resurrected from the dead


The LEGO Group has been around since 1932.

It’s not unusual for some brands to die out. But rarely some brands come back from the dead. Many brands like New Coke, Circuit City, and Borders are likely to be gone forever. But some companies find that certain dying brands still have some attraction for consumers. Maybe because at one time they were well-known, at least well enough to make them worthwhile targets for new investment.  (Pics)


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Control This Nintendo Wii Game With Your Face

Faced with a new challenge
The Nintendo Wii  has exercised our bodies and now it aims to work out those facial muscles as well with this game that requires you to use your face to control it. The DSi Ware game called “Kao Glider” (Face Glider in English) allows you to control a hang glider with just your face.As it flies around the skies, the camera captures your facial expressions and translates them into a gaming movement (up, down and around). It might just make your face sore and tone it up so that these games replace plastic surgery one day…

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Video Games Are Going 3D in Wake of Box Office Success of 3D Movies

video games

Video game publishers following Hollywood’s lead.

With 3D movies boosting both audience experiences and box office coffers, videogame publishers are following Hollywood’s lead and developing 3D games to immerse players more into virtual worlds.


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VI Fit – Video Game Project to Help Blind Children Exercise


VI Fit video games help visually impaired children become more physically active.

VI Fit, a project at the University of Nevada, Reno, helps children who are blind become more physically active and healthy through video games. The human-computer interaction research team in the computer science and engineering department has developed a motion-sensing-based tennis and bowling exergame.


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Brain Training Games Do Not Make You Smarter


The findings show that on a range of tests, the volunteers did no better than a control group who simply surfed the internet.

Popular brain training games played by millions every day do not make users any smarter, scientists claim.  In the largest experiment of its kind they showed that the games, found on machines like the Nintendo DS, did not improve memory or a host of other mental skills.


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3DS: Nintendo Announces Portable 3D Gaming Device


BIG NEWS in the gaming world!

Big news from the Japanese video game world today: Nintendo announced they will launch a successor to the DS/DSi for the next fiscal year (which begins next month in Japan and ends in March 2011). And what sounds particularly cool so far about the Nintendo 3DS is that the new portable device won’t require any special glasses for users to see the 3D images, according to Nintendo.

Details are scarce at the moment (no price, no specs, no pics), but what’s confirmed so far is that “3DS” is just the tentative name of the device. It will be backwards compatible to conventional DS/DSi games (meaning it will have 2 cameras again) and is sure to hit Japanese stores first.

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Project Natal – Meeting Milo


Meeting Milo

Serious groundbreaking technology here. I have always said that motion controls for gaming, no matter what tech you used to derive your motion control, was a complete dead end for gaming, unless someone developed a revolutionary method to make it essential for gaming.

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