Coolant smugglers reap large profits

The Marcone company of St. Louis was implicated in a coolant smuggling scheme.

A trusted senior vice president of a century-old company from America’s heartland had been caught on a wiretap buying half a million dollars in smuggled merchandise, much of it from China.  And now the chief executive of the company was on the witness stand trying to explain how the senior vice president did it.



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Food crops harmed by air pollution crossing continents: study


Ozone pollution generated in each of the Northern Hemisphere’s major industrialized regions damages six important agricultural crops.

Europe loses 1.2 million tons of wheat a year due to man-made pollution from North America, an new study has found.

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Ozone Levels Over the Arctic Dropped By Half in the Past Year

arctic ozone

Much more ozone (in red) is shown over the Arctic in the left image than the right image.

Check out the stark difference between these two satellite images, taken on March 19, 2010 and March 19, 2011. The left image shows much more ozone (in red) over the Arctic than the right image. What’s happened?


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