Coolant smugglers reap large profits

The Marcone company of St. Louis was implicated in a coolant smuggling scheme.

A trusted senior vice president of a century-old company from America’s heartland had been caught on a wiretap buying half a million dollars in smuggled merchandise, much of it from China.  And now the chief executive of the company was on the witness stand trying to explain how the senior vice president did it.



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Food crops harmed by air pollution crossing continents: study


Ozone pollution generated in each of the Northern Hemisphere’s major industrialized regions damages six important agricultural crops.

Europe loses 1.2 million tons of wheat a year due to man-made pollution from North America, an new study has found.

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Ozone Levels Over the Arctic Dropped By Half in the Past Year

arctic ozone

Much more ozone (in red) is shown over the Arctic in the left image than the right image.

Check out the stark difference between these two satellite images, taken on March 19, 2010 and March 19, 2011. The left image shows much more ozone (in red) over the Arctic than the right image. What’s happened?


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Man-Made Crises Outpacing Our Ability To Deal With Them


The world faces a compounding series of crises driven by human activity, which existing governments and institutions are increasingly powerless to cope with, a group of eminent environmental scientists and economists has warned.  In today’s issue of the leading international journal Science, the researchers say that nations alone are unable to resolve the sorts of planet-wide challenges now arising.


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Does A Twin Earth Exist?

Does A Twin Earth Exist?

Artist’s conception shows a hypothetical twin Earth orbiting a Sun-like star.

Does a twin Earth exist somewhere in our galaxy? Astronomers are getting closer and closer to finding an Earth-sized planet in an Earth-like orbit. NASA’s Kepler spacecraft just launched to find such worlds. Once the search succeeds, the next questions driving research will be: Is that planet habitable? Does it have an Earth-like atmosphere? Answering those questions will not be easy.

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EPA’s Most Wanted List


The EPA’s most-wanted fugitive list is filled with people who smuggled ozone-depleters, dumped toxins into the water supply, and committed other criminal acts of despoilment (The EPA notes: “Do not attempt to apprehend any of these individuals”). Alas, there are no senior execs from Fortune 100 chemical companies who dump millions of gallons of petroleum into the ocean, or sell carcinogenic pesticides, or manufacture cars that get 0.5 miles to the gallon.

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New Study: Warming In Antarctica Now Looks Certain

New Study: Warming In Antartica Now Looks Certain 

 Warming that scientists have determined has occurred in West Antarctica during the last 50 years.

Antarctica is warming.  That is the conclusion of scientists analyzing half a century of temperatures on the continent, and the findings may help resolve a climate enigma at the bottom of the planet.

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The Most Polluted Cities in the United States


Yay for Los Angeles! The City of Angels no longer holds the dubious title of the Sootiest City in the United States. That honor is now held by Pittsburgh (though LA is still the most polluted by other measures).The American Lung Association’s State of The Air 2008 report ranked metropolitan areas according to their ozone, year round and short-term particle pollution.

The most polluted cities, according to the short-term particle pollution measure are:

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