No more cardboard boxes? 3M invents an ingenious new way to ship products


The company is launching a new material that could reduce the time, materials, and space required to ship products by 50%.

Getting things delivered has never been more convenient. With just a few clicks, you can have a new bottle of shampoo sitting outside your door the next day, or that cool T-shirt you’ve been eyeing on Etsy. But when those items arrive at your door, there’s a good chance they’ll be in a too-big box, stuffed with lots of wasteful packaging filler.

That’s why the Minnesota-based materials company 3M is releasing a new type of packaging that requires no tape and no filler, and it can be customized to fit any object under 3 pounds—which 3M says accounts for about 60% of all items that are bought online and shipped. 3M claims that the material, called the Flex & Seal Shipping Roll, can reduce time spent packing, the amount of packaging materials, and the space needed to ship packages.

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Top 10 ways technology will change the world by 2025

electric cars

By 2025 electric vehicles will take over traditional vehicles.

Technology is changing the way we live our day-to-day lives. It’s exciting to imagine what the future will bring.  We may like to imagine one day living on Mars with technology that lets us teleport our toothpaste from CVS and the ability to apparate like Harry Potter.



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5 trends for the future of food packaging

Sensors that indicate when a product is no longer good will replace the ‘best before’ print.

Sometimes, packaging may appear very wasteful to people. The packaging is used only temporarily and the act of throwing it away does not feel good. The ‘throw away society’ has given way for a society that shares and reuses as much as possible. However, packaging, even for one time use, is still vital in our way of live. As a fact, packaging design can help make sustainable lifestyle choices. Here are five trends in the future of food packaging which we will see in the coming years.



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World’s toughest law banning logo’s on cigarette packs upheld in Australia

Tobacco companies fear the law will set a global precedent that could slash billions from the values of their brands.

The highest court in Australia upheld the world’s toughest law on cigarette promotion Wednesday.  The law prohibits tobacco company logos on cigarette packs that will instead show cancer-riddled mouths, blinded eyeballs and sickly children.


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Inflation hiding in smaller package sizes


Skippy shrank their 18-ounce container size down to 16.3 ounces.

If you are willing to look close enough, we’re actually being confronted by a serious bout of deflation when it comes to the size of the containers sitting on our supermarket shelves.  Good things may come in small packages but that doesn’t mean they are good deals.  Here’s how your favorite grocery-store items are shrinking before your eyes.

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New Biodegradable SunChips Bag With Quieter Packaging Will Hopefull Silence Critics


A quieter version of the biodegradable SunChips bag.

Frito-Lay hopes to make some big noise with a quieter version of its biodegradable SunChips bag.  The company introduced a biodegradable bag for the snacks in April of 2009 with a big marketing effort to play up its environmentally friendly nature as it was made from plants and not plastic and could break down in compost.


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FedEX SenseAware Tracks Packages

SenseAware 3214
Ultimate Package Tracking

Do you constantly worry about your important package that is being shipped to your friend? Well, with FexEX’s SenseAware, you’ll certainly get much better info regarding your package, than the traditional tracking number. The device uses an accelerometer, light sensor, cellular transmitter and GPS receiver to gather and report data on how the package is treated, and even whether it was opened in the desired location. You’ll be able to log on to the website and check out said information any time. The service is still rather pricey at $120 per month, but if you’re shipping something really important, it might be something that you’d want.

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