Smell Like A Nerd: RPG Performance Perfumes


Don’t you wish you could smell like me?

Yesterday we told you about blood type perfumes. Today we have something even wackier. Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab is selling a line of RPG-inspired perfumes intended to invoke the mythical races of elves, dwarves, half-elves, hobbits and orcs, as well as the distinctive aromas of clerics, fighters, mages, paladins and such. I totally guessed that paladins smelled like vanilla and “evil” smelled of “Smouldering opium tar, tobacco absolute, green tea, black plum, kush, ambergris accord, ambrette seed, and costus root…”

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Scent Delivery System

Scent Delivery System 

Patent# US 6842218, which refers to the Scent Delivery System, allows the user to pick his or her own smells, a rather dubious thrill to begin with. It works by injecting scent into an airflow created by the fan or canister, and creates scented air, which is carried to the nose by the flow of air via a nose mask or facemask. If you are wondering why anyone would want such a thing, join the club whose membership is fast disappearing from a lack of interest.

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In the Future, Everyone Will Smell Good for 15 Minutes

 Andy Warhol Union Square

Is there any spot where flowers aren’t blooming this spring?

The latest addition to the bouquet comes from New York fragrance house Bond No. 9. Dubbed ANDY WARHOL UNION SQUARE, the spicy green floral comes in Bond’s signature (and appropriate) superstar bottle, which has been embellished with 10 variations from Warhol’s iconic Flowers series. (The original screen prints date mostly from the 1970s, when the Pop Art master’s Factory was located first at 33 Union Square West and later two blocks north at 860 Broadway.)

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