China’s dead pig dumping scandal

Over 16,000 dead pigs have been found in China’s rivers.

The “dead animals in Chinese rivers” toll seems to have stabilized.  According to recent reports, over 16,000 dead pigs have been joined by 1,000 dead ducks and, rather ominously, 13 dead black swans in China’s rivers. The discovery of so many carcasses has elicited no small amount of public concern in China, as well as mockery elsewhere — even Jay Leno got into the act.



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Genetically modified pigs could provide human organs by 2013


GM pigs could provide human organs for transplant.

There is a persistent shortage of human organs and this has led experts to investigate methods of using pigs created with human genes, so that body parts grown in them can be harvested for use in patients without their immune systems rejecting them.  Organs grown in genetically modified pigs could be transplanted into humans in as little as two years’ time, scientists believe.


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