The mega rich are having trouble finding pilots for private jets


Empty Cockpit

Bad news for the extremely wealthy: airplane pilots are abandoning their gigs flying private jets for more steady work at commercial airlines.

Pilots seem to be attracted to steady jobs that provide regular pay rather than the hourly wages and short notice that come with captaining some rich folks’ private planes, according to The Independent. The result is a labor shortage that’s not only keeping the wealthy grounded but hurting private jet sales as well.

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Airplane flies across U.S. powered by sunshine

Solar Impulse

The goal of Solar Impulse is to fly around the world using no fuel other than sunlight. But before the solar plane circumnavigates the globe they will fly across the U.S. Solar Impulse took off on May 3 proving that airplanes can fly long distances on nothing more than sunshine. (Photos)


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‘Automation addiction’ – Have pilots forgotten how to fly?

Airline Pilots Automation

Wreckage of a Turkish Airlines aircraft.

“Automation addiction” has eroded their flying skills of pilots to the point that they sometimes don’t know how to recover from stalls and other mid-flight problems, say pilots and safety officials. The weakened skills have contributed to hundreds of deaths in airline crashes in the last five years.


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