Driverless cars to be launched on UK streets by 2015

ULTra PRT transport pod.

Chances are if you have been to London’s Heathrow Airport you have probably caught a glimpse of something called an ULTra PRT transport pod. These driverless pods have been shuttling travelers from terminal to terminal at the massive airport sonce 2011. That’s all well and good, but now these driverless robo-cars are breaking free of their confines and heading out into the city streets. (Video)



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Future of transportation – GM’s super-smart pod vehicle



As GM gets ready to roll out its electric mini-car, the Chevy Spark, its concept electric vehicle, the Chevy EN-V, a two-seater that the automaker has developed was a-buzz at last year’s Shanghai World Expo. The EN-V could be an end to gridlock, an end to accidents and n end to driving altogether. In fact you can conduct a video conference in traffic, and this podcar parks itself. This next-generation vehicle combines zero-transmission, super-connectivity and other advanced technologies to makes the future of individual transportation actually seem sustainable. (video)


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Media Vehicle Virtual Reality Pod

Media Vehicle Virtual Reality Pod 

 Media Vehicle Pod

Thanks to a new device called the Media Vehicle we now know what the future control-pods allowing us to manipulate our giant, super strong, battle robots will look like. Although the prototype unit can currently only accommodate an operator weighing up to 132 pounds, the first iteration of the Media Vehicle is impressive.

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Smart Camera That May Someday Be A Robot’s Eye

Smart Camera That May Someday Be A Robot’s Eye 

 Matrox Iris GT Camera

Wondering what Montreal-based Matrox has been doing since it conceded the graphics card wars to NVIDIA and ATI a few years ago? Besides building lots of great video editing equipment, the company has been working on Iris GT, a smart camera that’s packed with processing power and might just be a body part of our future robot overlords.

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The Abandoned Pod Village Of San-Zhi


San-Zhi Pod Village

Nestled along a short stretch of coastline in Northern Taiwan lies a strange complex known as The San-Zhi Pod Village. This abandoned futuristic luxury vacation spot remains a complete mystery to locals and tourists alike. There are several stories surrounding the circumstances that led up to its abandonment, but no one seems to know exactly why or how the site fell into such a state of disrepair.

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Transport Pod Bed

Transport Pod Bed 

Very much like the popular Metronaps Energypod, Napshell Sleeping Cocoon, and the Transport Pod Bed, the “Bubble of Silence” has been designed to create the perfect environment to avoid the noisy and stressful world. The exteriors of the Bubble have been influenced by natural ornaments such as shells, pebbles, cocoons and bubbles while the interiors make sure you are completely at ease.

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El Zulo Power Napping Chair Pod

El Zulo Power Napping Chair Pod


Just looking at the design for El ZULO, Spanish for “the hideout,” makes me sleepy. Instead of putting my head down right here at my desk and catching a few zzz’s before my stiff neck and back cry “Oooh, that hurts!,” I imagine myself mustering just enough energy to get up, move a few feet away from my desk, and assume a similar, but ergonomic, position in this peaceful, padded, perfectly positioned chair pod for my power nap. (Pics)

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