Driverless cars to be launched on UK streets by 2015

ULTra PRT transport pod.

Chances are if you have been to London’s Heathrow Airport you have probably caught a glimpse of something called an ULTra PRT transport pod. These driverless pods have been shuttling travelers from terminal to terminal at the massive airport sonce 2011. That’s all well and good, but now these driverless robo-cars are breaking free of their confines and heading out into the city streets. (Video)



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Future of transportation – GM’s super-smart pod vehicle



As GM gets ready to roll out its electric mini-car, the Chevy Spark, its concept electric vehicle, the Chevy EN-V, a two-seater that the automaker has developed was a-buzz at last year’s Shanghai World Expo. The EN-V could be an end to gridlock, an end to accidents and n end to driving altogether. In fact you can conduct a video conference in traffic, and this podcar parks itself. This next-generation vehicle combines zero-transmission, super-connectivity and other advanced technologies to makes the future of individual transportation actually seem sustainable. (video)


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