Apple rules the mobile market


Apple overshadows other mobile phone companies where it counts the most: profits.

The Apple iPad rules the tablet market and the iPhone is a popular among smartphone users, even though a panoply of devices running Google’s Android owns the majority of the smartphone market. We also know Research in Motion is in serious decline, and Nokia is struggling to reverse its slide through Windows Phones — a strategy set back at least temporarily as customers wait for Windows Phone 8, given that current Nokia smartphones won’t run Microsoft’s first serious version of Windows Phone.

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Are daily deals worth it for the businesses?


Many companies are skeptical about the long-term payoff of daily deals.

Daily deals become increasingly popular with consumers.  But, there is conflicting information about whether such offers are worth it for businesses. For some, the payoff does not justify the payout even though others enjoy profits and new customers from the venture.


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Health Insurers Make Huge Profits While Many Americans Postpone Care


Health insurers propose double-digit increases in their rates, citing a need for protection against any sudden uptick in demand once people have more money to spend on their health.

Major health insurers in the U.S. are heading into a third year of record profits.  Their earnings have been enriched in recent months by a lingering recessionary mind-set among Americans.  Many who are postponing or forgoing medical care.

Meanest Airlines in the U.S.

united airlines

Meanest major carrier – United Airlines

Last year was a good one for the airline industry, with U.S. airlines churning out the highest profits in more than a decade. With the exception of American Airlines, every major carrier turned in positive profits for the year.

In the 2011 Airline Quality Rating (AQR) report released on April 4, quality is up as well.


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