French researchers restore the youth of cells taken from 100 year old people


Scientists in France were able to restore the youth of cells taken from people 100 years of age and older. They reprogrammed them to stem cells stage, demonstrating that aging is in fact reversible.

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Scientists grow kidney in the laboratory

Laboratory grown rat kidney.

Scientists in the the U.S. say the have “grown” a kidney in the laboratory and it has been transplanted into animals where it started to produce urine.  Similar techniques to make simple body parts have already been used in patients, but the kidney is one of the most complicated organs made so far.



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A Source Of Stem Cells From Men

A Source Of Stem Cells From Men 

 Stem cells from adult human testes normally produce only sperm, but when cultured in the lab with special growth factors, they begin to resemble embryonic stem cells and can differentiate into many adult cell types.

Stem cells from human testes could be used for personalized medicine.  Adult stem cells that behave much like embryonic ones have been isolated from human testes, raising hopes for a new source of versatile stem cells without genetic manipulation or the destruction of embryos. If the new stem cells can be used therapeutically, a simple testicular biopsy could provide the starting material for personalized regenerative medicine.

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The Military Plans To Regrow Body Parts

 The Military Plans To Regrow Body Parts

The US Military believes that humans will someday be able to regrow their limbs much like reptiles

The Department of Defense has announced the creation of the Armed Forces Institute of Regenerative Medicine to ‘harness stem cell research and technology… to reconstruct new skin, muscles and tendons, and even ears, noses and fingers.’ The government is budgeting $250 million in public and private money for the project’s first five years, and the NIH and three universities will be on the team.

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