Fujifilm reproduces near-flawless Van Gogh replicas with 3D printing and scanning

Van Gogh’s Vase with Fifteen Sunflowers

After seven years of development, Fujifilm’s “Reliefography” 3D scanning and printing technique is ready to create near-flawless replicas of great works of art. The replicas will be available to the public for tens of thousands instead of tens of millions.



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Sperm Grown in Lab Could Cure Male Infertility

sperm grown in lab

Sperm grown in test tube is an important step toward curing male infertility.

Sperm has been grown in a test tube for the first time in a “small but important step” towards curing male infertility, a study claims.  Researchers removed stem cells and cultured sperm in the laboratory in a breakthrough that could lead to new treatments and drugs for men currently unable to have children.


Sexual Reproduction in Space Will Likely be Impossible Says Nasa

reproduction in space

Sexual reproduction is likely to be impossible in space due to cosmic radiation bombarding the human body.

Researchers at the agency’s Ames Research Centre in California found that without effective shielding on spacecraft, powerful proton particles would probably sterilize any female embryo conceived in deep space.


Certain Types of Fertility Treatments May Alter Gender Balance

Louise Brown

The world’s first ‘test tube baby’, Britain’s Louise Brown, holding the Veary twins who were also born via IVF treatment.

Certain types of assisted fertilization appear to result in more male than female babies being born, a large study in Australia and New Zealand has found.


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Most ‘Test Tube’ Kids Are Healthy and Normal


Elizabeth Carr, right, the USA’s first “test tube baby” graduates from college in 2004.

Over 30 years after the world greeted its first “test-tube” baby with a mixture of awe, elation and concern, researchers  are finding only a few medical differences between these children and kids conceived in the traditional way.


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Birth Control Pills Affect Choice Of Mate Among Both Genders


Could birth control pills be taking human evolution in a whole new, and possibly detrimental, direction?A review of past research finds that, by altering hormonal cycles, the pill might affect choice of mates among members of both genders in a way that could hinder successful reproduction in the future.


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10 Amazing Miniature Works Of Art

10 Amazing Miniature Works Of Art 

Miniature Art

There’s something sort of magical about miniatures, especially when they’re strikingly lifelike. The artists who create these tiny wonders look at life from a different scale than the rest of us, and their work often requires intense patience, concentration and a steady hand. From sculptures too small to be seen by the naked eye to sweaters knitted with needles the diameter of a human hair, here are 10 incredible works of amazingly tiny art. (Pics) (Video)

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